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SmartBrake Switch – easy brake for epilepsy

Braking made easy for users with Epilepsy, Parkinson or other seizures. Being active in everyday life is important for us all. Cycling to school, work or with friends promotes physical and mental health, and provides the feeling of independence. For people with seizures, such as Epilepsy or Parkinson, the natural activity of riding a bike […]

RS Remote Trigger Compatible guide

RS Remote Trigger fits with our adapter to Swix handlebars.The brake trigger is mounted on top of your ski pole. We have developed an adapter that fits only Swix handlebars 16mm round. This handlebar can be purchased in our webstore, or you can buy the complete pole in a sports store. It is easy to […]

XC-Ski.de testing RollerSafe

RollerSafe in Europe’s largest rollerski test “RollerSafe RS Skate was exciting. Like its classic brother, it is equipped with a disc brake that can be operated from a pole. Our testers praised the braking system, which is very easy to use after a period of getting used to it. For this, you have to accept […]

SmartGroup is a member of Norway Health Tech

About Norway Health Tech Norway Health Tech has a vision of making Norway the world’s best arena for health innovation. We are a non-for-profit member organization with close to 270 members in our base – representing the full value chain of healthcare. We address all areas of human health – with an eye for technology. We […]

Sykling som aktivitet og hjelpemiddel

Sykling er en aktivitet som det børstes støv av – det melder flere store mediehus som NRK og BBC. Det er ikke lenger bare en sport for voksne eller en type lek for barn. Sykling blir mer vanlig som fremkomstmiddel og som treningsform for flere. For å bruke et ergoterapeutisk utrykk – sykling er en […]

Fitting guide

This is a guide to check if SmartBrake fits your bike, and what kind of SmartBrake kit you should get. SmartBrake comes with either rim or disc brake mounted to the Brake Unit which you specified in the order. Both sets are hydraulic and fit even if your bike is set up with mechanical brakes. […]

Common bicycle brake systems

Bicycle Brakes The common bicycle brake system consists of three main components: A mechanism for applying rider force into the system: Smart Brake Remotes – Brake lever, Brake remote, or Thumb Brake. A mechanism for transmitting that force including hydraulic hoses: Smart Brake – Brake Unit A braking mechanism such as a caliper; rim or […]


Below are some of the most common light signals indicating different statuses on the SMART BRAKE solution. If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us or watch troubleshooting videos Sleep mode After 60 minutes of inactivity, both the brake unit (s) and the control (s) go into power save mode (standby). In […]


SMART BRAKE Companion Control is the unique safety solution all active families have waited for! Many parents have experienced similar situations; Watching a child heading down the road on her bike, approaching the crossroad at full speed. Will she manage to reduce speed in time? Imagine having a small remote in your pocket, or mounted […]

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