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Wireless brakes in tetra grip, adult handcycle

User needs The person had a brake that he/she could not handle at speed. The person experienced it as unsafe to let go of the handlebars to brake. The person experienced that the lack of a brake stopped the person from participating independently and safely in activity. Solution SmartBrake was mounted on the user’s own […]

Spike with SmartBrake

Wireless brakes, Exero Spike

User needs Spike comes with mechanical brakes, which the user activates by pushing in the lever mounted on the side of the sled. Users with reduced grip, hand force or upper body mobility may have difficulty getting the required braking force via the mechanical brakes. Solution SmartBrake 1×1 kit: 1 brake unit is mounted on […]

RollerSafe for helping aids

Wireless brakes, sitski sled

User needs A sitski sled does not have brakes for use on asphalt. The user can scrape ski pole spikes in asphalt, but provides very limited braking effect. The user must train in flat terrain or terrain where speed can be reduced naturally without active braking. Solution SmartBrake integrated in RollerSafe roller skis. The skis […]

Wireless brakes, racing wheelchair

User needs The user has problems using the manual brake mounted on the front wheel of the wheelchair. With ski poles in his/her hands, it is extra difficult to grip around the brake lever at high speed. There is a risk of the ski poles getting into the wheels or under the chair, which can […]

Wireless brake for epilepsy, adult tricycle

User needs A user with epilepsy experiences a risk of losing control of the bicycle in the event of a seizure. The user needs a brake that is activated automatically in the event of sudden seizures. Solution SmartBrake 1×2: Brake unit is mounted with rim caliper of the front wheel, thumb brake replaces one of […]

Wireless brake and companion control, adult bicycle

User needs The person found it difficult to brake with an ordinary brake due to impaired hand function. The person had an accident with a bicycle and was now afraid to cycle. The person wanted the spouse to be able to brake if he or she did not succeed. Solution SmartBrake 1×2 is mounted on […]

Wireless brake controlled by chest/chin, adult handcycle

User needs The person cannot operate the brake with his hands, and as consequence cannot ride a bicycle as he/she cannot adjust his speed or stop. The person misses participating in activity as equal with others. The person cannot use the bicycle as transport vehicle. The person will benefit physically and mentally from cycling, but […]

2 wireless brakes and companion control, children’s bike

User needs Child with significantly reduced hand power, fear of high speed, could not brake at all with original brakes, difficulty reading traffic. The child could not to participate at school trips or with family. The child could not to practice in real situations due to parents’ fear of situations. The child felt being restricted […]

Wireless brakes and companion control, children’s bike

User needs Children with some impaired cognitive function, challenges to learn / read the traffic, children’s hands that do not have the size or the power to use the original brake. The child did not participate equally with other children on bicycle trips and on trips with family and friends. The child was not given […]

RollerSafe braking at Holmenkollen

Is roller skiing difficult?

Is roller skiing difficult? Let’s start with the most important thing first: Cross-country skiing and roller skiing are among the most effective forms of exercise you can do! Gentle training for the whole body, strength training on legs, arms, and core muscles, as well as good cardio training. You get the best effect if you […]

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