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RollerSafe for helping aids

Wireless brakes, sitski sled

User needs

  • A sitski sled does not have brakes for use on asphalt.
  • The user can scrape ski pole spikes in asphalt, but provides very limited braking effect.
  • The user must train in flat terrain or terrain where speed can be reduced naturally without active braking.


  • SmartBrake integrated in RollerSafe roller skis. The skis are mounted under the sitski sled.
  • Brake trigger is mounted in ski pole (separate trigger for right and left ski / pole).
  • The user easily adjusts the brake by pressing the trigger on the pole. Requires limited hand power.

User value

  • The user can control the speed easily through the poles and can keep the body in its natural position.
  • No risk of the poles getting in the way of the sled.
  • The user can train in more varied terrain, get a better training effect and at the same time increased safety.
RollerSafe – Electronic roller skis with integrated SmartBrake
Brake trigger mounted on top of ski pole
Birgit Skarstein testing RollerSafe

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