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Can I activate the brakes on my child’s bike from a distance?

The early phase of a child’s cycling career can be described as speed and direction being out of control. Anxious parents are running behind, ready to grab hold of the bike or child if necessary. Many parents have been asking themselves the question, “How can I control the speed of my child’s bicycle?”

The answer to this has been negative; the options are limited to ropes, shafts, and simply holding the bike by hand. 

Until now, with SmartBrake, the first wireless companion control is available! With the assistant brake, parents can control speed from 30m distance. The technology increases security and freedom to learn in a safe environment both for the children and parents.

The patented technology fits any bicycle with either rim or disc brakes. The companion activates the brake with a gentle push on the remote controller button, the brake lever, or the thumb brake. With three different remote controllers, SmartBrake meets any need.

What are typical user situations where a wireless companion control adds value during bike activity?

  • Small children, testing out their bike skills in the backyard or traffic with their parents
  • Children and adults with a physical disability or cognitive disorder, using the bicycle to be more active, independent, and mobile
  • Cyclists with sudden seizures, such as epilepsy or Parkinson’s. For these users, having a buddy to control their bicycle in case of unwanted episodes can be highly beneficial

The wireless brake controls can be mounted on the attendant’s bicycle so that the family can carry out joint activities in a safe way.

In addition, SmartBrake is applicable also for other vehicles:

  • Users in wheelchairs, sit-ski sleds, and trolleys, where wireless assisted braking can be essential for the users’ feeling of mastery and independence.

But, is wireless brakes safe?

Yes, SmartBrake has a built-in fail-safe that automatically activates the brake in low battery or signal failure. For example, the brake will be activated if a companion comes more than 30m away from the bicycle. The SmartBrake technology has been developed and thoroughly tested over many years and is based on a recognized and proven communication platform (RF / BLE).

SmartBrake is modular like Lego, and you can build the kit according to your needs. Mounting the kit on your bike is easy and does not require special tools. You can order SmartBrake directly in our webshop or contact your bike distributor for assistance.

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