Power brakes with a softer grip

The smart, wireless brake for wheelchairs, bikes and more

100 million disabled and elderly struggle with weak handgrip and body mobility. SMART BRAKE® enables for more activity, improving quality of life.
Available for sale Q1 2019.


Multipurpose, soft brake SMART BRAKE ® includes a lever and hydraulic disc brakes. SMART BRAKE ® is wireless, and can be mounted on wheelchairs, bicycles, trikes and rollerskis. With the SMART BRAKE ® Safety App, functionality can be adjusted to user needs.

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  • 1x Soft Grip Lever
  • 1x wireless caliper brake
  • DIY instructions & bracket for
    your vehicle

Parent control

Remote brake controllers can be connected and work from 20 meters distance. Parents or assists can control safety during activity and parking, maintaining the sense of independence for the user.

The world's first wireless brakes

RollerSafe is about to launch the first electronic & wireless calipper brakes available in the market, based on award winning technology.
  • Easy applicable on most calipper models
  • Wireless brake controller; grip, touch or handsfree (sensor)
  • Customize functionality through mobile app

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We have just moved from a prototype stage to producing the very first Smartbrakes, ready for delivery in April/May. Do you want to get a quote, or more information? We would love to hear from you.