Wireless brake

For Sports, Mobility and Kids Safety


SMART BRAKE is the worlds first wireless hydraulic breaking system that make it possible to brake on the behalf of the user at 15 meter. The soft remotes can be triggered with only a fingertip by the lever or push button. The SMART BRAKE controls sends wireless signals to the control unit(s) which is connected to disc or rim brakes. Inside the unit is an advanced braking technology with unlimited potential.


The braking system is adaptable across many applications and is compatible with both hydraulic disk- and rim brakes


Bicycles, trikes, handbikes – SMART BRAKE fits with any hydraulic disc brake


With SMART BRAKE, you can expand use of your
Wireless brake for strollers


Apply SMART BRAKE to your sled, bike trailer or stroller


First ever roller ski with wireless disc brakes; Skate and
Wireless Brake Trike

Trikes / Handbikes



Wireless brake handbike

Front wheel

wheelchair disc brake

Rear wheel

Smart brake for bikes

SMART BRAKE can be applied on any 2-wheel bicycle with hydraulic brakes.
mounted as single brake system (rear / front) or dual system.

• Soft triggers – Suitable for children and people with reduced hand grip.
• Choose between lever or pressure control, or trigger mounted on ski pole.
• Lever control fits all hand sizes – Adjust the distance from the handlebar to the lever.
• Brake on behalf of the user – up to 15 meters.
• Apply brake on all wheels from one control.
• Enable parking brake from the control in one motion. 
• Powerful battery provides rare charging.
• USB charging.

Recommended set:

Smart brake for trikes

SMART BRAKE can be applied on most trikes and handbikes.
We can deliver sets of 1, 2 or 3 brake units, together with remote controls.


The market for 3-4 wheel e-bikes expected to boom in coming years.

SMART BRAKE will provide such vehicles a robust, wireless and easy adaptable active brake, parking brake and security lock. SMART BRAKE can be integrated into the vehicle software platform for optimal functionality and user interface.

Recommended kit:

Smart brake for Rear wheel

Wheelchairs with hydraulic brakes on the rear wheels can apply SMART BRAKE for wireless control of speed and parking.

Users can easily control speed and parking with the tip of their finger. Companions can operate same brake and parking functions from 15 meters distance.
Brake controllers come in several design, to fit any user need.

Recommended kit:

Smart brake for Front wheels

SMART BRAKE can be applied to any front wheel with hydraulic brakes. The wireless brake controller requires less than 10% handgrip strength, and provides an soft and easy brake and parking brake.

Parents / companions can control brake / parking from 15 meters distance, to enhance safety for user.

Recommended kit:

Smart brake for Freewheel

With SMART BRAKE, users of FreeWheel get wireless hydraulic brakes on their wheelchair for daily activity and workout.

Users can easily control speed and parking brake independent of handgrip strength.

Companion control ensures added safety during use. SMART BRAKE can be delivered as kit including 12’’ wheel with disc, to fit existing FreeWheel frames. Brake controllers can be operated from chair, ski pole or by hand.

Recommended kit:

Smartbrake for rollerskis

In 2016, RollerSafe introduced the first ever rollerski with electronic, wireless disc brakes integrated.

The product series includes Skate, Skate XL and Classic skis. Brake controllers are mounted on your ski pole. The skis have been sold to consumers in more than 15 markets worldwide. Order your pair here:


Smart brake for strollers

With SMART BRAKE, you can easily control speed of your trailer/stroller.

With SMART BRAKE, you can control speed of you stroller or bike trailer from 15 meters distance. With automatic wheel lock, you can avoid unexpected movement of the stroller.

Recommended kit:

Smart brake for Sleds

A range of new sleds with wheels are available, for workout and leisure.

SMART BRAKE provides an easy accessible and safe brake, controlled by soft grip remote in ski pole or mounted on sled. Companion control available for enhanced safety (15m distance). SMART BRAKE can be delivered with integrated calipers or brakets to fit existing brake solutions.

Recommended kit:

Wireless brake on sled

Visit exerotech for more information about the sled

Smart brake for Sitski

Together with our distribution partner Handinor, we offer SMART BRAKE Technology combined with HandiSnow 5 sitski sled.

The unique RollerSafe roller ski with integrated disc brakes are controlled by wireless remote in ski pole. The product is available in Norway through NAV (frame agreement). For international enquires, please contact us.

Recommended kit:



The patented technology has been tested and proven in our rollerskis for over 4 years, sold and used in over 15 countries with over 1000 users which rang from sport athletes to kids, elderly and disabled.

With SMART BRAKE, we reinvent speed control. The wireless brake solution is very easy to operate from any position, even distance. Fast mounting and setup, without technical expertise. LED braking lights for enhanced safety in traffic.

Our wireless controls requires less than 10% of normal hand strength. You can operate up to 8 brake units with just the tip of your finger. In one movement, you control both active brake and parking function.

No worries.
The SMART BRAKE Technology has built in fail-safe which will provide a smooth brake at low battery level or detected system fail. It does not take up signals that could trigger the brake from other equipment’s.

Constantly enhancements and grate competence
The team have over 6 years of experience with in developments of wireless brake technology, providing you with the best and most advanced systems on the marked. 

Wireless brake control for bike


Wireless brake control

Companion control

Wireless brake ski pole



We are preparing first delivery of SMART BRAKE in August-19. To set your order, request more info and a price quotation here. We would love to hear from you.