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Wireless brakes for sports, mobility and kids safety.


Let companions assist with braking when needed. Control speed and parking from distance.
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Soft grip

SMART BRAKE lever requires less than 10% of normal hand grip. Control multiple brake units with just the tip of your finger.

Parking brake

With ONE click, you activate the parking function. Bring the remote with you, and leave the vehicle safely locked!


Several awards for
innovative design. First
products sold to 20+ markets worldwide.

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With SMART BRAKE, we reinvent speed control. The wireless brake solution is very easy to operate from any position, even distance. Fast mounting and setup, without technical expertise. LED braking lights for enhanced safety in traffic.


Multipurpose: Sports, mobility, kids safety Modular: Build your kit Multiple ways to trigger; Soft & easy Wireless companion control Parking brake & lock function Brake lights

Hydraulic brakes

SMART BRAKE unit is delivered fully bled, ready to mount. Choose between Tektro Auriga disc brakes or Magura rim brakes. Connect up to 8 brake units controlled by 1 brake remote.

Soft brake lever

SMART BRAKE lever requires less than 10% hand grip strength; you can brake with the tip of your finger! Adjust lever position to fit all hand sizes.

Hand Control – brake from distance

Companions can control speed from distance (15m) with the wireless hand control. Easy parking, leave the vehicle safely locked (cargo bikes, handcycles, etc)

SMART BRAKE for rollerskis

RollerSafe has developed world’s first rollerskis with wireless disc brakes. Trigger the brakes from remote in your ski pole.

The award-winning product series is sold to more than 20 markets worldwide.

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The handgrip challenge

More than 100 million elderly and disabled worldwide face the handgrip challenge; reduced mobility in hands/arms making everyday activities and movement difficult.

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Award-winning innovation

RollerSafe has been awarded several awards for innovative product design. Learn more about our journey, and meet our team.

Going global

The future is wireless. We invite investors and industrial players to discuss joint opportunities.


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