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With SMART BRAKE, we reinvent speed control. The wireless brake solution is very easy to operate from any position, even distance. Fast mounting and setup, without technical expertise.

Brake lever

Companion Control

Thumb brake

Pole trigger

Brake lever

Companion Control

Thumb brake

Pole trigger

SMART BRAKE - multiple applications across sports and mobility

The wireless and modular brake is designed to fit any bike, wheelchair, sled and more. Find your application, and build your kit. 

Bikes, trikes and handbikes


Front wheel

Cargo bikes


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Let companions assist with braking when needed. Control speed and parking from distance.

Soft Grip

SMART BRAKE lever requires less than 10% of normal hand grip. Control multiple brake units with just the tip of your finger.

Parking Brake

With ONE click, you activate the parking function. Bring the remote with you, and leave the vehicle safely locked!

Award Winning

Several awards for innovative design. First products sold to 20+ markets worldwide. (Link til The Team)

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Build and customize a kit according to your needs.


Easy to install across sport and mobility equipment .
Anders Nupen Hansen​President of LARS (National Association for Spinal Cord Injury)
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I have limited hand force in one hand, and I have to say it was incredibly easy to apply the brake on this hand. It could almost be done with a fingertip. Ingenious!
Rolf GelissenGermany
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For me the RS Brake Technology is definitely a game changer. I did not feel very comfortable on normal skis. Having the RollerSafe makes me use them a lot more.
Wheelchair manufacturer
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This was very exciting; we believe this will be the future for many of our products. The disc brakes will provide added functionality and great user value!

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