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SmartBrake Switch – easy brake for epilepsy

Braking made easy for users with Epilepsy, Parkinson or other seizures.

Being active in everyday life is important for us all. Cycling to school, work or with friends promotes physical and mental health, and provides the feeling of independence. For people with seizures, such as Epilepsy or Parkinson, the natural activity of riding a bike is more difficult.

SMART BRAKE is specially adapted for users with impaired hand function, where the wireless remote controls can be activated with very limited hand power.

With SWITCH we have reversed the functionality: By holding the lever in, the brake is deactivated. Releasing the lever activates the brake.

SWITCH can be used on all our remote controls, and is used for all types of bicycles, trikes, handbikes.

Your benefits with SmartBrake Switch:

  • Easy to use, requires very limited hand force
  • Compact, fits any bike (disc/rim caliper)
  • Combine with other brake levers (1-handed brake)
  • Combine with companion control for added safety
  • Quick shift between left/right hand

For more information, see our updated product brochure, or contact us.

Brake OFF (When triggering)
Brake ON (When releasing)

Order your SmartBrake Switch now. Find our recommended kit below.

Smart Brake 1×1
Smart Brake 1×2

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