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SmartBrake guide and installation

Serial Number* 1-202

Serial Number* 202-

* The serial number can be found on the underside of the brake unit. 

Frequently asked questions


SMART BRAKE is the world’s first wireless brake system for sports and mobility equipment. With 3 different remote controllers, users can easily control the brake and parking with the soft grip brake levers. SMART BRAKE is modular and can be built according to your needs! 

SMART BRAKE can be applied across bicycles, wheelchairs, frontwheels, cargo bikes and more. Find your application here

SMART BRAKE is a multipurpose brake technology, applicable across bicycles, trikes, wheelchairs and other activity equipment. We combine our wireless technology with well-known components such as Tektro Auriga disc calipers and Magura HS11 rim brakes (other calipers can be used, e.g. Shimano, SRAM). SMART BRAKE enhances the functionality of traditional brake systems. SMART BRAKE will comply with any application already using wired brakes (disc/rim). Contact us if you want help finding the right kit to your vehicle.

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We have several thousand brake units in active use worldwide. SMART BRAKE has been thoroughly tested by the team and customers for more than 5 years, in all weather conditions and harsh environment.

Our team make no compromise on safety. Each SMART BRAKE system should have backup, either a parallel SMART BRAKE system or manual brake solution. SMART BRAKE has fail-safe integrated; In case of technical issues or low battery level (<15%), the system will automatically activate the brake until full stop (slow stop). The user can manually release the brake, to finish the trip (using the secondary brake).

SmartBrake is a unique brake solution that gives you the option of more flexible brake adjustment. You will experience a quick and responsive brake, similar to mechanical brakes. The main difference with SmartBrake is the limited resistance in the levers. You need very little hand force to activate the brake, meeting the needs for those users with reduced hand grip and hand strength.  

Instead of feeling the lever to know how much you brake, you feel on the bike how much it brakes. The brake force is built up stepwise, thus you can select different brake force levels with movement of the lever.  

It needs very little activation of the lever to reach the first brake level. We recommend familiarizing yourself with SmartBrake during your first test trip.  

SmartBrake is as responsive as a mechanical brake. You have short response time from interaction of the brake level to full brake force (est. 0,1 sec for disc brakes). In addition, the brake is quickly releasing the brake, thus you can shift between brake force level within milliseconds.  

Please note that tear & wear apply for how good any bicycle brake is.  

Most discs and wheels have some natural sideways movement related from tare & wear. This forces the brake pads to retract further away from the disc/rim, causing a longer lead time. For hydraulic brakes, the quality of bleeding is also a factor.  

When we receive a new bike, we test the braking properties of the bicycle before and after we mount the SmartBrake. The results are weighed against the regulations for braking distance on bicycles. In the event of unsuccessful results, the supplier will be contacted. If you have questions about how we test or whether there is a declaration of conformity with your bike, please contact us.

The remotes have some differences in signal distance due to transmitter tuning. Signal ranges without obstacles for the SmartBrake product are between 30-40meters.

Signal distance will vary depending on signal interference. This may be caused by physical objects, transmitters working on the same frequency or high voltage power lines. To obtain less interference, make sure that there is a free path between the brake remotes and brake unit.

SmartBrake components are to withstand wet weather riding conditions; however, do not deliberately place them into water.

• Be careful not to get water into the charging port of the SmartBrake components.
 • Do not clean Smart Brake with a high-pressure washer. If water gets into any of the components, operating problems or corrosion may result.
 • Handle the components carefully and avoid subjecting them to heavy shock.
• Do not use thinners or harsh solvents to clean the products. Such solvents may damage the surface. When cleaning the products, use a cloth moistened with a neutral detergent diluted with water.
• If the brake operation does not feel smooth, consult the place of purchase for assistance.

SMART BRAKE is invented and developed in Norway, by a small team of experienced industrial designers, mechanical engineers and software developers. They all share the same passion for sports, and a drive to develop high quality products empowering more people to be active on a daily basis.

Our products are assembled, tested and shipped from our headquarters in Moss – just outside of Oslo, Norway. The Norwegian mountains and harsh environment provide the optimal test conditions for outdoor equipment, such as SMART BRAKE.

Click here to read about some exclusive reference cases.

How to use SmartBrake

SmartBrake is easy to use and adaptable to your needs. The brake applies gradually with the movement of the lever as a normal brake system. All remotes are wireless and can activate both brake and parking – even from a distance.

Activate the system with a push of a button and you are ready to enjoy your ride.

Learn more from our videos. 

Installation of the SmartBrake brake system varies from vehicle to vehicle, and it is therefore not possible to give a specific instruction that fits all applications. Some best practices and things to be aware of are therefore provided as a guiding reference. Installations that result in an inability of the SmartBrake kit to function may lead to serious or fatal injuries.

Mounting manual

It is recommended to charge approximately after every fourth trip to make sure you always have enough battery.
When charging, use the charger that came with the product on both the brake unit and the brake lever. A fully charged battery, when using a charger, is signaled by a green light after about 3 hours.

Both the thumb brake and hand controller use a non-rechargeable battery, 3V Lithium CR2032.

SmartBrake requires maintenance charging to avoid that the
battery is damaged if the products are left unused for long
periods. If the battery is damaged, the battery will no longer
be able to be charged. Solution: Charge the batteries every
two months. Then pull out the charging plug.
Cleaning: Maintain the products clean with a damp cloth.

  • Never leave the bike with an empty battery! We advise you to charge the battery as soon as possible before it is totally empty.
  • The best storage-charge of the battery is after 3.5 hours of charging.
  • Recharge the battery every month during winter season
  • Preferably store and use the battery in environments of 5 to 20 ºC. Avoid higher or lower temperatures.
  • Do not charge the battery in sunlight and make sure that the battery is not charged at a temperature of less than 0ºC.
  • Only use the charger indoors and in non-humid environments, the charger must not get wet.
  • Preferably charge the battery with the supplied charger.
  • Keep in mind that your bike provides less support when it’s cold (0ºC and less) and the battery will discharge faster. Charging also takes more time at lower temperatures.

Every battery discharges automatically over time. This process is called self-discharge. A battery that is empty and not charged, will self-discharge and will be deep discharged. The battery can be permanently damaged during this process. In case of deep discharge, the warranty will be voided.

SmartBrake has a built-in safety system on the brakes that is activated automatically in case the battery level is very low or the signal is broken either due to distance or interference.

Working distance
The range is about 30 meters.

First, you will need to send a request to for the program files. Please express whether you need a program for the disc, rim, or twin brake, or for which remote. The remote software is eighter assistant or administrator.

Assistant = a remote used as the second remote in a setup. This remote does not activate fail-safe when the signal range is overstepped. 

Administrator = The only remote in a setup, or the remote used as the companion remote. This remote does activate fail-safe when the signal range is overstepped. 

Video link for how to upload through apple devices:

Video link for how to upload through Android devices:

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The activator applies brake force according to the wireless brake remotes movements. It is connected to a hydraulic disc or rim brake and can be easily mounted across different frames, without the technical expertise or tools required.
You can connect several brake units to one or more remote remotes, thus building a brake solution according to your needs. Read more about the brake unit.

Control the bike by a brake lever similar in form to the traditional bike lever but without the cable. The wireless lever provides easy and soft activation of both active brake and parking, with less than 10% of normal hand force.

  • The lever can be easily adjusted to user needs, such as positioning (left/right side) and handgrip size.
  • Active brake by pulling the lever. The braking force follows the lever movement.Activate the parking brake by pushing the lever gently in opposite direction.Adjust the control for different hand sizes.

Read more about the brake lever. 

Distance braking is important for many parents and companions where the child/user doesn’t have full control of the environment or the vehicle. With the hand control, you can easily activate both brake and parking at 20 meters with a single button to provide more security and independence. The wireless controller fits easily in your hand, around your neck, or mounted on the handlebar of the bicycle, wheelchair, or trolley.

  • Activate the brake by holding down the «Brake» button. The braking force increases from 0-100% for a rapid but soft brake
  • Parking brake is activated by pressing the button marked with “(P)”. To deactivate the parking brake, press the «Brake» button once.

The hand control activates the safety brake (Fail-safe) in case of a lost signal (failure or out of range). When the signal is resumed, the braking cycle ends, and the wheels are no longer locked. The safety brake ensures that the attendant always has contact with the brakes in every situation.

Read more about the hand control.

By reversing the grip challenge for normal brake levers, the thumb brake allows you to easily push the lever with your thumb instead of gripping it with your fingers. Post-mount the thumb brake beside a smart brake lever – or normal brake lever to provide one-hand brake control for both rear and front brakes. The Thumb Brake provides easy and soft activation of both active brake and parking, with less than 10% of normal hand force.

• Active brake by pushing the lever/trigger. The braking force follows the lever movement.
• Parking brake is activated by triggering the lever four times in a row within 5 seconds. To deactivate the parking brake, squeeze the lever once.

Read more about the thumb brake. 

With SWITCH we have reversed the functionality: By holding the lever in, the brake is deactivated. Releasing the lever activates the brake. This soultion is in particular demand for people with seizures, such as Epilepsy or Parkinson, where a seizure can cause you to let go of the handlebars and lose control of the brakes.

Learn more about Switch.

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The common part in SmartBrake

The brake activator applies brake force to the caliper so that you don’t have to! Read more about the brake unit.

If the handgrip is a challenge, then this will be your solution

Pulling this lever is super soft, and with an easily accessible parking brake function, your next ride will be much smoother. Learn more about the Brake lever.

When independency and additional safety are your priority

Operate the brake and parking wirelessly from 20 meters distance with this small remote. Read more about the hand controller.