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Wireless brake and companion control, adult bicycle

User needs

  • The person found it difficult to brake with an ordinary brake due to impaired hand function.
  • The person had an accident with a bicycle and was now afraid to cycle.
  • The person wanted the spouse to be able to brake if he or she did not succeed.


  • SmartBrake 1×2 is mounted on Easy Rider from Van Raam.
  • Brake unit is mounted on the rim on the front wheel, thumb brake replaces one of the original levers and companion control intended spouse.

User value

  • The person can cycle without feeling afraid of not being able to use the brake.
  • The person can maintain the activity with confidence that the spouse can intervene.
  • The person can experience joy and mastery with an activity, rather than having to stop cycling.
  • Spouse experiences extra security and enjoyment of joint activity.
Braking with the thumb
Companion control
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