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Brake Lever

SMART BRAKE can be controlled by a brake lever similar in form to the traditional bike lever, but without the cable. The wireless lever provides easy and soft activation of both active brake and parking, with less than 10% of normal hand force.

The lever can be easily adjusted to user needs, such as positioning (left/right side) and handgrip size.

Brake activation

  • Active brake by pulling the lever. The braking force follows the lever movement.
  • Activate parking Brake by pushing the lever gently in opposite direction.
  • Adjust the control for different hand sizes
  1. Lift up the lid that holds the control.
  2. Lift the control off the holder, rotate it, and place it in the preferred position.
  3. Tilt the lid over the controller.
    Perform five full braking cycles to calibrate the braking force to the new position.
  4. The control is symmetrical and can be used on both left and right side of the handlebars

Light signals

• Fully charged: Green light
• Charging: Red light
• Battery capacity <25%: Red flashing light every ten seconds
• Battery capacity <15%: Red flashing light every two seconds. Fail-Safe is activated, brake
unit lights up yellow on the side of the USB port.
• Parking brake: Red flashing light every four seconds
• Signal failure between the brake lever and brake unit: Green / Blue light when triggering.

Technical info
• Charger: Micro USB type B
• Charging time: 2.5 times
• Operating time: 4 000 full brake cycles
• Charging port on the back of the silicone lid

Fits 16mm pipesTip, use some tape on the handlebars for pipes under 16mm, so that the control fits well

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