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RollerSafe in Europe’s largest rollerski test

“RollerSafe RS Skate was exciting. Like its classic brother, it is equipped with a disc brake that can be operated from a pole. Our testers praised the braking system, which is very easy to use after a period of getting used to it. For this, you have to accept a little more weight of roller skis and brake levers on the pole. In terms of test criteria, RS Skate was consistently rated as good.”

Consistently well-ranked roller skis with disc brake. This makes it more expensive than the other models.

We enable more activity for everyone!

Unique adaptive technology, innovated in Norway.

Wireless brake technology for bikes and more

Rollerskis with wireless brake technology – sports & adaptive

Sitski for any season, terrain and user

The common part in SmartBrake

The brake activator applies brake force to the caliper so that you don’t have to! Read more about the brake unit.

If the handgrip is a challenge, then this will be your solution

Pulling this lever is super soft, and with an easily accessible parking brake function, your next ride will be much smoother. Learn more about the Brake lever.

When independency and additional safety are your priority

Operate the brake and parking wirelessly from 20 meters distance with this small remote. Read more about the hand controller.