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The Handgrip Challenge

More than 100 million elderly and disabled worldwide face the handgrip challenge; reduced mobility in hands/arms making everyday activities and movement difficult.

Age, spinal cord injury, arthritis, parkinsonism, rheumatism, stroke, cancer – there are many reasons for reduced hand power, grip and spasticity.

Together with research partner CatoSenteret, leading rehabilitation centre in Norway, RollerSafe has conducted a study among disabled. The purpose was to document the need for better and more functional speed control (brakes/motor) on manual mobility equipment.

Smarter Grip

The conclusion from this pre-study is clear; millions of users will improve their activity level and quality of life with new technology in this area. This gives strong motivation to develop RollerSafe Smart Brake ™ for use across a broad range of mobility equipment. First commercial applications will be available Q1-2019.

Enclosed is a short project report (Norwegian): Smartere håndgrep – Sluttrapport RS Smart Mobility_mai 2018

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SMART BRAKE - multiple applications across sports and mobility

The wireless and modular brake is designed to fit any bike, wheelchair, sled and more. Find your application, and build your kit. 

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