Brake Trigger

245.00 Excl. VAT

Brake with your thumb! Fits any hand size and handforce. Active brake and parking brake in same controller. Compact unit, requires limited space and can be mounted together with other brake levers. This trigger is suitable for both kids, elderly and disabled.

SMART BRAKE can be controlled by a brake trigger activated with the tip of your finger. The wireless trigger / thumb brake provides easy and soft activation of both active brake and parking, with less than 10% of normal hand force. The compact unit requires limited space, thus can be mounted together with other brake levers, e.g. having all brakes controlled from same side of handlebar.

Easy mounting with brackets that fits standard handlebars (16mm). Brake trigger can be combined with other SMART BRAKE remotes, e.g. Companion Control. This makes it very suitable for kids or users with limited handforce.


Brake activation

Active brake by pushing the lever/trigger. The brake force follows the lever movement. Parking brake is activated by triggering the lever four times in a row within 5 seconds. To deactivate the parking brake, squeeze the lever once. 


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