Hand Controller

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With SMART BRAKE Hand Controller, users and companions can control brake and parking by a soft touch with the fingertip! Easy to carry by hand, or mount on the handlebar. 

SMART BRAKE can be operated by the Hand Controller, and activated with single buttons for “Brake” and “Parking”. The wireless controller fits easily in your hand, around your neck or mounted on the handlebar of the bicycle, wheelchair or trolley. Operated with a soft touch with the fingertip.

Parents or companions can operate the brake and parking wirelessly from 20-30 meters distance, making the user more independent and safe.


Brake activation

  • Activate brake by holding down the «Brake» button. The braking force increases from 0-100% for a rapid but soft brake.
  • Parking brake is activated by pressing the button marked with “(P)”. To deactivate the parking brake, press the «Brake» button once.
  • The hand control activates the safety brake (fail-safe) in case of lost signal (failure or out of range).
  • When the signal is resumed, the braking cycle ends, and wheels no longer locked. The safety brake ensures that the attendant always has contact with the brakes in every situation.

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