Brake Unit

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SMART BRAKE Unit for electronic activation of hydraulic disc or rim brakes. Operated by wireless remotes. Easy to mount across bikes, wheelchairs or sleds.

SMART BRAKE is operated with a compact and wireless Brake Unit connected to hydraulic disc or rim brakes. The unit can be easily mounted across different frames, without technical expertise or tools required.

You can connect several brake units to 1 or more remote controllers, thus building a brake solution according to your needs.

Below is a quick guide to recommended setup:

  • Each SMART BRAKE Unit provides sufficient brake force to stop 100 kg. If the total weight of vehicle +  user adds up to 200 kg you will need two brake units.
  • One Brake Unit can connect with two calipers or rim brakes simultaneously (Y-connection).

Key factors to consider when selecting your SMART BRAKE kit:

  • Total weight of vehicle + user.
  • Scope of use, e.g. speed, steepness of tracks, etc.
  • Disc brakes will normally have shorter stopping distance than rim brakes
  • Contact us if you need help to find the best solution for your needs.

SMART BRAKE is delivered with either hydraulic disc or rim brake calipers integrated, fully bled, and ready to mount:

  • TEKTRO Auriga Twin HD-T525 caliper. The twin system provides a left and right mounted brake unit for trikes and handbikes
  • Magura HS11 rim brake caliper. The hydraulic rim brake provides a soft and easy brake for single wheels, e.g. front wheel trikes or wheelchairs.

Upon request, we can supply SMART BRAKE without calipers integrated, or with other models (Shimano, SRAM)

Brake unit activation

  • Start by pressing the activation (on/off) button once. 
  • During use, LED brake lights appear when remote controls are triggered.
  • Turn off by holding down the activation button until it lights up red under the screw cap (5 seconds).
  • To charge the brake unit, open the screw cap. Connect the USB charger included in the kit.

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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 14.52 × 46 × 69 cm

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