Brake Lever

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SMART BRAKE Lever with easy and soft brake and parking. Requires only 10% of normal handforce. Adjustable to any hand size

SMART BRAKE can be controlled by a brake lever similar in form to the traditional bike lever but without the cable. The wireless lever provides easy and soft activation of both active brake and parking, with less than 10% of normal hand force. Suitable for all types of bikes, trikes, handcycles and other activity equipment.

The lever can be easily adjusted to user needs, such as positioning (left/right side) and handgrip size. The Brake Lever can be charged (USB-port).

Brake activation

  • Active brake by pulling the lever. The braking force follows the lever movement.
  • Activate parking Brake by pushing the lever gently in opposite direction.
  • Adjust the control for different hand sizes

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 8.9 × 12.3 × 4.7 cm

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