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SMART BRAKE integrates disc brakes to your manual wheelchair (foldable and rigid) without removing original parts.  It adds less than 1kg weight, and 0-1cm width on chair.

Brake alternatives

Disc brakes can be controlled mechanical, hydraulic or electronic (wireless).

Brake remotes

Control the brakes with the chair’s original brake levers, or go wireless! Choose between push, squeeze or button remote with neck strap for the wireless solution.

Maintain original parts

Our solution fits your steel or fiber spoked wheel and keeps the quick release function intact. 

This was very exciting; we believe this will be the future for many of our products. The disc brakes will provide added functionality and great user value!
Wheelchair manufacturer

A brake system customised for your needs

Try our build-your-own-kit tool to get the right components to your vehicle.

Key facts

• Universal disc brake solution, fits most chair models (foldable and rigid)
• Maintain original parts (wheels, axle, quick release)
• Fits with any wheel type; steel and fiber spokes
• Strong brake force in all conditions (rain, snow, mud)
• Brake and parking for active user or companion

• Easy to mount across many chair models
• Mechanic or hydraulic brake solution
• Adds <1kg weight, and 0-1cm width on chair
• Vs. drum brake: Reduce 2-3 kg and 2-3cm width
• Wireless control can be added (see separate spec)


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