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Front Wheels

SMART BRAKE can be applied on any wheelchair front wheel with either disc brake or rim brake. Control brake and parking with wireless remote, requiring very limited hand force. Companions can control same brake from distance, enabling for added safety and more independent activity.


SMART BRAKE enables wheelchair users to be active, by using front wheels doing workouts by hand or with ski poles . Control the brakes remotely from the chair or from trigger in pole.


Choose between disc or rim brake, both hydraulic provided by the Smart Brake Unit which comes ready bled to your ordered brake solution. Most front wheels are compatible with the rim brakes from Magura.


The remotes weighs less than 30g, thus having limited impact on your workout.  With the brake Unit and a caliper it ads up to around 700g.

With SMART BRAKE for front wheels, we target both the active users with high speed workouts, and the less active kids and adults with companion support.
Morten Østli
Chairman of Smart Brake Group

Mounting the remote

The remote can be mounted on the chair or steering arm with a bracket included in the kit. The trigger fits Swix rollerski-poles and some One-Way models.


SMART BRAKE comes with a fail-safe solution, providing controlled stop in case of low battery status or lack of signal.

A brake system customised for your needs

Try our build-your-own-kit tool to get the right components to your vehicle.

Key facts

  • Easy to mount across different front wheels
  • Hydraulic brake solution, Magura rim brakes
  • Multiple remote controls, adjust to user needs
  • Rechargeable, USB
  • Adds 0,7 kg weight, and 0 mm width on chair

 •  Universal rim brake solution for front wheels
 •  Control the brake from trigger in poles or from remote mounted on chair
 •  Wireless brake and parking for both active user or companion (20-30m distance)
 •  Limited hand force needed – brake with your fingertip!


  • Our bestseller! Kit for single wheel (or twin calipers) on all bicycles, frontwheels or sitski sleds. Controlled with one remote. SMART BRAKE enables kids, elderly and disabled to be more active and independent, safely!

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  • Auriga, Hydraulic Disk Brake (RIGHT)

    130.50 130.50 Add to cart
  • Auriga, Hydraulic Disc Brake (LEFT)

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  • HS11 – Hydraulic Rim Brake. Delivered in combination with SMART BRAKE kits, fully bled and ready to mount. For bikes and frontwheels.

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  • With SMART BRAKE Hand Controller, users and companions can control brake and parking by a soft touch with the fingertip! Easy to carry by hand, or mount on the handlebar. 

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  • Double USB wall charger (Euro plug)

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  • SMART BRAKE Unit for electronic activation of hydraulic disc or rim brakes. Operated by wireless remotes. Easy to mount across bikes, wheelchairs or sleds.

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  • Brake with your thumb! Fits any hand size and handforce. Active brake and parking brake in same controller. Compact unit, requires limited space and can be mounted together with other brake levers. This trigger is suitable for both kids, elderly and disabled.

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  • SMART BRAKE Lever with easy and soft brake and parking. Requires only 10% of normal handforce. Adjustable to any hand size

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