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Wireless brakes, racing wheelchair

User needs

  • The user has problems using the manual brake mounted on the front wheel of the wheelchair.
  • With ski poles in his/her hands, it is extra difficult to grip around the brake lever at high speed.
  • There is a risk of the ski poles getting into the wheels or under the chair, which can cause damage to the user and equipment.


  • SmartBrake 1×1 kit: 1 brake unit mounted as a rim brake on the front wheel. 1 brake trigger mounted in ski pole. The user can choose which hand he/she wants to brake with.

User value

  • The user can easily control the brake with light pressure on the trigger in the ski pole. The poles can be held in a natural position from the body / chair.
  • The easy braking limits the need for shifting body position in the chair and user can focus on keeping the right speed and direction on the chair. The focus can be on the future at all times, for increased traffic safety.
  • At the same time, it provides better conditions for a good training effect.
Swix triac Brake Trigger from RollerSafe
Brake with the trigger from the ski pole
SmartBrake mounted to a hydraulic rim brake

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The common part in SmartBrake

The brake activator applies brake force to the caliper so that you don’t have to! Read more about the brake unit.

If the handgrip is a challenge, then this will be your solution

Pulling this lever is super soft, and with an easily accessible parking brake function, your next ride will be much smoother. Learn more about the Brake lever.

When independency and additional safety are your priority

Operate the brake and parking wirelessly from 20 meters distance with this small remote. Read more about the hand controller.