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Wireless brakes in tetra grip, adult handcycle

User needs

  • The person had a brake that he/she could not handle at speed.
  • The person experienced it as unsafe to let go of the handlebars to brake.
  • The person experienced that the lack of a brake stopped the person from participating independently and safely in activity.


  • SmartBrake was mounted on the user’s own developed bike.
  • SmartBrake 1×1 kit with rim brake caliper and thumb brake was fitted.
  • SmartGroup made a special solution for the bike so that the person could brake with the index finger.
  • Own bracket adapted for tetra grip on the handlebars. The solution allows the user to easily activate the lever with the index finger without using much force.

User value

  • The person can cycle where he/she wants without speed inhibiting him in the activity.
  • The person can now brake the bicycle without moving his hands off the handlebars, and without using much force.
  • The person can easily activate the parking brake with the same lever.
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