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Why SmartBrake

If you find using cycle brakes difficult, or a cyclist you care for wants to be as independent as possible, then Smart Brake® integrated wireless braking system brings safe braking to your fingertips.

For independent riders, Smart Brake gives you progressive braking with a feather-light pull of the lever – or if you prefer, it can be trigger-operated by just a finger or thumb. However you use Smart Brake it only needs minimal strength and minimal movement to provide reassuringly safe braking.

For Carers, Wireless Braking System gives you the technology to remotely brake the tricycle in your care – simply by pressing a button on your remote fob. The signal has a range of 15 meters and should the rider travel out of range the brake is automatically applied to ensure their safety. A second button on your remote fob will apply a “Park” brake which will not release till you press the button again.

SmartBrake for mobility aids


Smart Brake Brake Unit:

This contains the motor that moves in response to wireless signals from the controller which activates the brake calipers and stops the equipment. The Brake Unit is connected to a hydraulic disc or rim brake (specify in order) and replaces one of the two braking systems on your bike.

Each Smart Brake unit provides enough force to stop 120kg of load (rider/ user + equipment). Add more brake units for heavier loads, more control on steep terrain, or for stopping at higher speeds.

The brake unit is powered by a Li-ion USB rechargeable battery. The battery achieves a full charge in ~3.5 hours and delivers about one week of use on a full charge. The unit features lights to communicate braking to other people as well as brake and USB lights to communicate activation/ pairing and connection with controllers. Lights also help to communicate any issues and facilitate troubleshooting.

Smart Brake Controller:

Controllers communicate with the brake unit through radio frequencies with a signal range of 15+ meters There are several controller options to meet the needs of a variety of users and applications. Remotes can be held in hand or mounted to handlebars, wheelchair frames, or ski poles.

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Unique adaptive technology, innovated in Norway.

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The common part in SmartBrake

The brake activator applies brake force to the caliper so that you don’t have to! Read more about the brake unit.

If the handgrip is a challenge, then this will be your solution

Pulling this lever is super soft, and with an easily accessible parking brake function, your next ride will be much smoother. Learn more about the Brake lever.

When independency and additional safety are your priority

Operate the brake and parking wirelessly from 20 meters distance with this small remote. Read more about the hand controller.