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SMART BRAKE kit with 2 brake units and 2 brake remotes, for both user and companion. Perfect solution for trikes and handbikes with twin brakes on rear wheels. Disc or rim brake calipers.


SMART BRAKE 2 x 2 – Perfect for twin wheels such as trikes or handcycles. The two brake units work simultaneously on both wheels and are very easy to use. With two remotes, both user and companion have full control of the vehicle. The remotes can be mounted on the vehicle, or used from distance (companion control).

2 brake unit connects with either Tektro disc brake or Magura rim brake.

Control the brake with 2 of our unique wireless remote controllers:

  • Brake Lever: Soft brake lever adjustable to any hand size. Active brake and parking in one move
  • Hand Controller: Activate brake and parking with a push on the button. Well suited as companion control
  • Brake Trigger: Brake with the tip of your finger! Very compact, suitable for kids and others with weak handgrip


This kit includes:

  • Two Brake Units with calipers.  Specify in Checkout preferred type: “Rim brake” or “Disc brake”.
  • Two Brake remotes.  Specify preferred remote controller: “Brake lever”, “Hand control” or “Brake trigger”.
  • Double USB charger
  • The kit is delivered with fully bled hydraulic, ready to mount


For your own safety, make sure to have 2 separate (redundant) brake systems on your vehicle. 


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Brake units

Hydraulic brake

Tektro Auriga HD-T525


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