RollerSafe Classic – Roller ski with brakes

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RollerSafe Classic – the customer favorite! Roller ski with wireless disc brakes, for more fun and safer workouts.

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RollerSafe Classic – the customer favorite!

Classic roller skis with integrated brakes 

RollerSafe Classic roller ski with integrated disc brakes is highly ranked on key features like directional stability, flex, and wheel quality. The award-winning RollerSafe with SMART BRAKE technology integrated can be used by athletes of all ages and experience levels.

Do not let your fear of hills and new tracks decide your training routes – with RollerSafe you have the ultimate training partner. Embrace your freedom and choose variations! Ski brakes from RollerSafe have been tested in tracks with 10-15% steep and 10 km constant downhill. With our dual brake system wireless controlled from your pole, you can gradually increase the speed to your comfort level.

The compact and light-weighted brake remote are fitted on top of your pole with a one-finger grip for easy reach. The remote does not make any compromises for your spike. The remote fits Swix handlebars. If you do not have a Swix, check this compatible guide for handlebars to your pole. Purchase here.

Roller Ski Specs

Wheels:                    Resistance 2
Ski, weight:             1484g
Ski, length:              700mm
Remote, weight:     28g
Remote, size:          58.4 × 22.5 × 53.8 mm
Remote, fit:             Swix, (not TCS).
Bindings:                 Rottefella Xcelerator, NNN

Roller Ski Package Includes

2x RollerSafe roller skis with SMART BRAKE Technology
2x RollerSafe Remote triggers with adapter for Swix handlebars*
2 x Rottefella NNN bindings
1x Dual USB Charger
2x Batteries for remote, CR2032
1x  Backpack

*) Remote triggers do not include batteries. Battery type CR2032

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