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Why wireless brakes are so popular in the disability community

  1. The grip challenge.
    When getting a bike, it’s easy to think that the brake levers are what they are. For the elderly, children, and people with disabilities, this is often a huge challenge. Which can lead to the activity being difficult to master. SmartBrake takes safety seriously and helps adapt the brake to the cyclist’s needs. Our brake levers are both the market’s softest levers and have a variety of different grip controllers which are all wireless.
    Read more about the hand grip challenge.
  2. Companion remote.
    Riding a bike requires a lot of attention to the surroundings. Children learning to ride, or those with some impaired cognitive function often have challenges reading the traffic. A wireless remote is a safe and subtle way to provide safety. This gives the child increased independence and a feeling of mastery, as well as joy in active participation.
    the marked most soft levers and a variety of different grip controllers which is all wireless.
    Read more about companion remote.
  3. Epilepsy brake.
    A user with epilepsy experiences a risk of losing control of the bicycle in the event of a seizure. With SmartBrake the remote can be used as a dead-man switch. When holding the lever, the bike strolls freely, and when you release the bike stops.
    Read more about the epilepsy brake.

And the best part, SmartBrake can be used on almost any bicycle or front wheel to a wheelchair! Talk with us or your occupational therapist today to learn more.

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Fellesdelen i SmartBrake

Bremseaktivatoren gjør den tunge jobben, slik at du kun trenger å bevege en finger for å bremse! brake unit.

Hvis normale bremsehendeler er en utfordring, vil dette være din løsning

Å trekke i denne hendelen er veldig lett, og med en enkelt tilgjengelig parkeringsbremsefunksjon blir din neste tur tryggere. Bremsehendel.

Når selvstendighet og ekstra sikkerhet er din prioritet

Betjen brems og parkering trådløst fra 20 meters avstand med denne lille fjernkontrollen. hand controller.