Team RollerSafe

SMART BRAKE Technology is invented in Norway, designed to meet the roughest and steepest conditions. Originally, the wireless brakes were developed for sports equipment such as rollerskis and skates. However, we quickly discovered that a soft and easily accessible brake controller provides significant value for users with reduced handgrip strength and body mobility.

Thus, over the last couple of years, our development team have focused their efforts on designing SMART BRAKE for mobility equipment, such as wheelchairs, trikes and handcycles. Our aim is to provide millions of disabled children, adults and elderly with a safer and easier accessible brake solution, tailored to their specific needs.

Our technology has already received several awards for innovative design and are developed together with research partners from leading universities and healthcare institutions.

Developing electronic, wireless brakes involved a broad range of competencies, from product design, mechanic engineering, advanced materials, software programming and biometrics. Issues to be solved are balance, weight, brake force calibration, wireless communication (BLE and RF), as well as user interaction.

Development and testing are operated in our own design studio and test facilities in Norway. Together with our partner network, we can quickly adapt the technology to new applications, with prototypes ready in days.

We have filed several patent applications for the unique technology, including a series of possible smart applications arising from the electronic platform developed. Our vision is simple; we will enable more people to roll anywhere – steeper, faster, but safer.

Atle Stubberud

Head of design

Born 1974, is the mastermind, inventor and chief designer of the RollerSafe technology. Combining his background as industrial designer with long term experience as cross country skier and biker, Atle created a concept to help more people roll steeper, faster, but safer.

Morten H. Østli


Morten co-founded RollerSafe together with Atle. He has 20 years of experience in management consulting and venture investments. He is a father of 4, and spend his spare time training for the next Marathon.

Bernt Otto Hauglin

Board member

Bernt Otto is a co-founder of RollerSafe AS, and responsible for IPR in the company. With his 40 years experience from international sports market, and professional IPR advisory background, Bernt Otto is a very valuable partner to our team.

Henrik Karlstad

Head of Product Development

Henrik is responsible for technical and product development in RollerSafe. He has a background as mechanic and operation planner for F-16 Fighter Aircrafts. Henrik is an active sportsman, doing triathlon and marathons.

Anders Skaarud

Product Development

Anders is part of the product development team. With his background as Certified Electrician and BFA in Industrial Design, his skill set is perfect match with our electronic brake technology.

Vidar Fineide

Marketing & Sales

Vidar is responsible for digital marketing and webshop. With the unique combo of creativity and structure, Vidar makes us ready to punch above our weight class.

Advisory network

Jørund Buen, co-founder of Differ Group and Point Carbon

Tom Arne Solhaug, CEO in Servi Group, founder of Krabat

Marianne Vanem, Occupational Therapist, Stiftelsen CatoSenteret

Rollersafe AS
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