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Wireless brakes and companion control, children’s bike

User needs

  • Children with some impaired cognitive function, challenges to learn / read the traffic, children’s hands that do not have the size or the power to use the original brake.
  • The child did not participate equally with other children on bicycle trips and on trips with family and friends.
  • The child was not given the opportunity to practice in real situations, due to parents’ fear of losing control.
  • The child did not experience enough variety and enjoyment by cycling in a limited area.
  • Standard mechanical brake required too much force.
  • Parents wanted more control of the child in activity.


  • In this particular case, SmartBrake was mounted on Sunrise Bondo bike. Previously, we have had similar cases with Van Raam Easy Rider, 3-18 Momo and other models.
  • SmartBrake 1×2 kit: 1 brake unit mounted with rim brake on the front wheel. Brake lever mounted on the handlebars and adapted for the child’s small grip. Companion control for parents to control the same brake from up to 30m distance.

User value

SmartBrake gave the child the opportunity to brake easily and softly on its own. The child can join family on trips, at the same time as the parents have the opportunity to intervene during activity in challenging situations. This gives the child increased independence and a feeling of mastery, as well as joy in active participation. The parents gained increased security by knowing that they could intervene, without visibly limiting the child’s activity.

Companion control
SmartBrake on children’s bike
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Brake from up to 15 meters distance

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