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SmartBrake – going global

Nice to meet you at the trade fair in 2022! Below you will find more information about the unique and patented SMART BRAKE Technology. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more info – we look forward to discussing joint opportunities!  


With SMART BRAKE, we enable more activity for everyone. The wireless, modular and adjustable brake technology meets user needs in global markets for mobility, sports, and leisure. Distributors are signed up in Nordics, EU, US, and Australia. Spend 3 minutes, and we will give you 5 reasons to choose SmartBrake  

1. We did not invent the wheel, but a smarter way to stop it

Our award-winning wireless brake technology disrupts how braking has been done last 200 years. We are the first company worldwide to be granted patent for wireless bicycle brakes. The e-bike boom is rapidly driving demand for smarter components. SMART BRAKE will be part of the solution.

2. We empower more activity

Limited handgrip is a significant barrier for millions of kids, elderly and disabled in daily activity using bikes, wheelchairs, and other equipment. SMART BRAKE requires very limited hand force and can be adjusted to meet any user need. Global market, high margin potential.  

3. Future is electric AND wireless 

Every major city looks for greener transportation, fueling the boom of cargo and city bikes. SmartBrake is providing solutions to make such transportation more efficient and safer, being active brakes, parking and lock systems. First pilot projects established.   

4. Safer sports 

Several sports and leisure activities are looking for better and safer brakes. We solved it for the smallest of wheels tackling high speed. Similar potential for boards, skates, kick-bikes, trolleys and more… 

5. Award-winning team

SMART BRAKE is invented and developed in Norway, by an experienced and award-winning team. Locally, we find strong IoT competence, green mobility funding, and inspiring customers. Join us in our effort to build a leading mobility tech company from Norway! 

Partnership opportunity

We look for industrial partners to scale SMART BRAKE into global markets. If you find interest in the technology and want to discuss joint opportunities, contact us:


Phone: +47 913 10 218

Adress: Osloveien 35, 1534 Moss – Norway

We enable more activity for everyone!

Unique adaptive technology, innovated in Norway.

Wireless brake technology for bikes and more

Rollerskis with wireless brake technology – sports & adaptive

Sitski for any season, terrain and user

Fellesdelen i SmartBrake

Bremseaktivatoren gjør den tunge jobben, slik at du kun trenger å bevege en finger for å bremse! brake unit.

Hvis normale bremsehendeler er en utfordring, vil dette være din løsning

Å trekke i denne hendelen er veldig lett, og med en enkelt tilgjengelig parkeringsbremsefunksjon blir din neste tur tryggere. Bremsehendel.

Når selvstendighet og ekstra sikkerhet er din prioritet

Betjen brems og parkering trådløst fra 20 meters avstand med denne lille fjernkontrollen. hand controller.