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Granted patent – wireless bicycle brake

In 1817, the first bicycle brake was introduced by German inventor Karl Drais. The “spoon brake” was the first in a long series of brake solutions to be applied on bikes. The principle has remained fairly unchanged for 200 years; drum, rim or disc brakes – all wired and mechanic.

Until now. Last month, SmartGroup were formally granted patent on wireless brakes for bicycles and other vehicles. We are proud to take part in this long history and look forward to delivering solutions that everyone can use.

Our primary focus has been on users with disabilities, weak hand grips and other special needs. At the same time, we see that SMART BRAKE, with its simplicity and adjustable functions, is relevant to a wide range of people. The future is electric AND wireless, also in micro mobility such as e-bikes, city transportation and more. Our ambition is to be part of the solution, providing safer and easier travel for most people.

Contact us to learn more about SMART BRAKE: post@smartgroup.no

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A brake system customised for your needs

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Key facts

• Easy to mount across all bike models
• Brake force: 65 bars per brake unit
• Hydraulic disc or rim brake
• LED brake lights for added safety
• Rechargeable (USB), 4 000 brake cycles / charging
• Adjustable brake lever to fit all hand sizes
• Modular; build your own solution of units and remotes

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