Mechanical Disc Brake – Wheelchair

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Mechanical disc brake for manual wheelchairs

Control the brakes with the original brake levers

SMART BRAKE integrates disc brakes to your manual wheelchair without removing original parts. Control the brakes with the original brake levers!
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Key benefits:

  • Integrates disc without removing original parts (wheels, axle, quick release)
  • The chairs width increase just two millimeters on each side which enables you to use your original lock-pin
  • Fits standard wheels (with steel spokes) and does not affect the rolling resistance
  • Adds under a kilo to the wheelchair and uses the chair´s orignial brake levers
  • More secure parking brake that does not dependent upon air pressure
  • Reduce wear of tires
  • Good brakes in all conditions like rain, snow, mud or dry weather
  • Reduces width by 2-4 cm and weight by 2-4 kg compared to drum brakes
  • Easy mounting across different chair models (foldable/rigid)


Our solution can be delivered in two different formats (both hydraulic):

  1. Mechanical, with Tektro twin Auriga calipers and lever (brake + parking). Lever can be connected to existing parking brake on chair
  2. Electronic & wireless, with SMART BRAKE unit + 1-2 remote controllers and Tektro twin Auriga calipers. Combined with our wireless SMART BRAKE technology, wheelchair users can easily control speed and parking with limited hand force. Companions can control same brake from distance. If you want to go wireless, find the product here (link)


This kit includes

  • 2 Discs with adapters for spoked wheels
  • 2 Hydraulic twin calipers from Tektro



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