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SMART BRAKE is the world’s first wireless brake system for sports and mobility equipment. With 3 different remotes, users can easily control brake and parking with their fingertip. SMART BRAKE is modular and our KIT can be built according to your needs!

The SMART BRAKE kit includes:

Tommelbrems for ski poles. For sitski, sleds, wheelchair front wheels, etc

Bremsehendel for bikes, trikes, handbikes. 1 remote for up to 8 brake units

Tektro Auriga Twin HD-T525 calipers included. Can be delivered with other models, or brakets to fit your caliper.

Hand control for parents / companions. 15m distance, brake / parking

Double USB-charger included. Rechargeable battery in unit + brake lever

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Quick guide to your SMART BRAKE kit



Hydraulic brake for disc or rim, can be serial connected (up to 8 units). Rechargeable (USB).
Number of units needed in your kit depends on:

  • Application 
  • Total weight of vehicle + user: 1 unit = 100 kg, 2 units = 200 kg
  • Other user requirements, e.g. leisure use vs sports racing

Select remote

…or mix them together. All remotes works on the brake unit simultaneously.

Mounted to the handlebar, you need less than 10% of normal handgrip to operate the brake.
Parking brake is activated by the same lever.

Maneuvering by only one finger from the top of a skipole, this light weighted control provides full
brake force from the tip of your finger.

Parents or companions can operate the brake and parking wirelessly from 15 meters distance,
making the user more independent and safe.



Get SMART BRAKE ready to mount with TEKTRO calipers, or decide on alternative solutions. SMART BRAKE can fit most caliper models.

Tektro Auriga Twin HD-T525 calipers included. 


bikes / trikes

SMART BRAKE is a good addition to trikes and handbikes

SMART BRAKE is available as single, double and even triple (two units controlled by one lever and one unit controlled by another lever). 
With the wireless remote, users will among other things get rid of cables that interfere within the field of view, a soft lever and driving lights.
The parking brake function provides extra wheel lock to prevent theft.

For most 2-wheel bikes, we would recommend 1 brake unit + 1 brake lever + 1 hand control.

For 3-4 wheel bikes, we recommend 2 brake units (rear wheel) + 1 brake lever + 1 hand control


The SMART BRAKE kit can be applied on wheelchairs with disc or on additional front wheel

SMART BRAKE is available as single unit brake, and double for both wheels. With the wireless remote, users will get a very soft and easy brake that can be mounted anywhere. The parking brake function provides for easy access in and out. 

For wheelchair models with disc brakes on rear wheel, apply 2 brake units + 1 hand control

For front wheels / FreeWheel, apply our special kit, including 1 brake unit, 1 hand control, 12’’ wheel w/disc

Sleds / strollers

For strollers and sleds SMART BRAKE removes all wires which provides unlimited possibilities for placement of the brake control.

For sleds – having brake levers on the pole provides the best possible brake control when you riding. Parking and active brake with the push of a button gives seamless control for your stroller and are handy in many situations. 

For sitski / sleds we recommend 1-2 brake units + 1-2 brake triggers for ski pole.

For strollers and trailers, we recommend either 1 brake unit on front wheel, or 2 units for rear wheels. 

For both alternatives, 1 hand controll.


Cross country skiing is one of the most effective workout activities you can do, training the entire body and heart muscle in one. During summer time, rollerskiing is increasingly popular sport among many sports enthusiasts across the world. The most common challenge for many rollerskiers, is the lack of functional brakes. Controlling speed on a pair of such skis requires good balance and lots of practise. Even among the top skiers in the world, accidents happen every year.

In 2016, RollerSafe introduced the first ever rollerski with electronic, wireless disc brakes integrated. The skis have been sold to consumers in more than 15 markets worldwide. Order your pair here:

We enable more activity for everyone!

Unique adaptive technology, innovated in Norway.

Wireless brake technology for bikes and more

Rollerskis with wireless brake technology – sports & adaptive

Sitski for any season, terrain and user

Fellesdelen i SmartBrake

Bremseaktivatoren gjør den tunge jobben, slik at du kun trenger å bevege en finger for å bremse! brake unit.

Hvis normale bremsehendeler er en utfordring, vil dette være din løsning

Å trekke i denne hendelen er veldig lett, og med en enkelt tilgjengelig parkeringsbremsefunksjon blir din neste tur tryggere. Bremsehendel.

Når selvstendighet og ekstra sikkerhet er din prioritet

Betjen brems og parkering trådløst fra 20 meters avstand med denne lille fjernkontrollen. hand controller.