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Control the bike by a brake lever similar in form to the traditional bike lever but without the cable. The wireless lever provides easy and soft activation of both active brake and parking, with less than 10% of normal hand force. The lever can be easily adjusted to user needs, such as positioning (left/right side) […]

Håndkontroll / Ledsagerstyring

Distance braking is important for many parents and companions where the child/user doesn’t have full control of the environment or the vehicle. With the hand control, you can easily activate both brake and parking at 20 meters with a single button to provide more security and independence. The wireless controller fits easily in your hand, […]

Kom i gang

SMART BRAKE is a multipurpose wireless brake for sports and mobility. The award-winning and modular technology can be built and adjusted to your needs! Key features include: Build your kit: Combine multiple brake units and controllers Soft grip: Requiring less than 10% of normal hand force Wireless: Fits any wheel with rim or disc brake […]

RollerSafe - Henrik Karlstad at workshop

Produktutvikling og prototyping

Fast track innovation: Our team of dedicated engineers, products designers and programmers have broad experience from agile innovation processes, bringing new solutions from idea to prototype in short time. Our modular and wireless technology enables for unique and value-added functions for many applications within micro-mobility. We work with large industrial customers to integrate our technology […]

LIPIT SOLUTIONS – trådløs munnsensor

Lipit Solutions is a patented sensor for control via the mouth. The technology has been developed and used in dentist practice, with research and development funded by EU grants. Lipit has in 2020 been granted funding from to develop applications combining Lipit with SMART BRAKE Technology. The ambition is to control the wireless brake […]

SMART MOVE – trådløs hjelpemotor

SMART MOVE is a compact and wireless power assist solutions for wheelchairs. The patented drive line is integrated in the axle of the chair. Key features: – 30-40 km distance – 6 km/h – <5 kg total weight – Multiple wireless remote options SMART MOVE will be available in the market in 2021.

SMART BRAKE – multifunksjonell trådløs brems

Watch video SMART BRAKE is the world’s first wireless brake system for sports and mobility equipment. With 3 different remotes, users can easily control brake and parking with their fingertips. SMART BRAKE is modular and can be built according to your needs! The multi-purpose technology can be applied across a wide range of bicyles, wheelchairs, cargo-bikes, […]

RollerSafe - Roller Skis with electronic brakes

ROLLERSAFE – integrert trådløs brems

The SMART BRAKE Technology was first developed and commercialized through the Nordic sports niche of rollerskis. RollerSafe’s own product series of classic and skate rollerskis have hydraulic disc brakes integrated in the profile, wirelessly controlled by a trigger in the pole. The compact and light weight brake technology has been developed and tested in the […]

SMART BRAKE - omtalt på The Explorer

SMART BRAKE er nå omtalt på Innovasjon Norges grønne teknologiplattform, The Explorer. Les om vår teknologi og visjon om å skape grønnere og smartere mobilitet

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Unique adaptive technology, innovated in Norway.

Wireless brake technology for bikes and more

Rollerskis with wireless brake technology – sports & adaptive

Sitski for any season, terrain and user

Fellesdelen i SmartBrake

Bremseaktivatoren gjør den tunge jobben, slik at du kun trenger å bevege en finger for å bremse! brake unit.

Hvis normale bremsehendeler er en utfordring, vil dette være din løsning

Å trekke i denne hendelen er veldig lett, og med en enkelt tilgjengelig parkeringsbremsefunksjon blir din neste tur tryggere. Bremsehendel.

Når selvstendighet og ekstra sikkerhet er din prioritet

Betjen brems og parkering trådløst fra 20 meters avstand med denne lille fjernkontrollen. hand controller.