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SMART BRAKE is a multipurpose wireless brake for sports and mobility. The award-winning and modular technology can be built and adjusted to your needs! Key features include:

  • Build your kit: Combine multiple brake units and controllers
  • Soft grip: Requiring less than 10% of normal hand force
  • Wireless: Fits any wheel with rim or disc brake
  • Easy to mount: Do not require technical expertise or tools
  • Build your own kit
Multipurpose technology

Activate your braking system
Push the activation button(s) on the Smart Brake unit(s) once. Activate one brake unit a time. At start-up, the system will go in safety brake until all remote controls are activated. Activate a control by triggering a brake lever.  Watch video.

Deactivate your braking system:
Switch off the system by holding down the activation button(s) on the brake unit(s) until you see a red light on the inside of the screw cap on the brake unit (Hold for 5 sec). Deactivate one brake unit a time. The controls and brake unit(s) automatically go into sleep mode after one hour of inactivity.Learn more about sleep mode

NOTE: It is important to always have all connected controls within signal range, otherwise, fail-safe will be enabled.

Parental control
When a remote comes out of reach of the brake unit (20-30m), the safety brake gets activated. When the signal is restored, the brake cycle ends, and wheels will no longer be locked. It takes two seconds from the control losing the signal until the fail-safe is activated. The safety brake ensures that the attendant always has contact with the brakes in every situation.


Brake remotes
The brake lever and the trigger can be mounted to the handlebar and are easily removable. The hand control has a neck strap.
Note: For frames with diameter less than 16mm, use some tape under the bracket for a better fit.

Brake unit
Do not activate the brake unit before attaching the caliper. For VanRaam bikes, use a mounting bracket to mount the brake unit. For other frames or vehicles, the brake unit can be easily attached with strips where it fits best

Read more about assembly

For your own safety, make sure to have 2 separate (redundant) brake systems on your vehicle. 

Safety brake

SMART BRAKE has built-in automatic safety brake in case of battery shortage or signal failure.

  • Low battery: Less than 15% remaining
  • Signal failure: Signal between brake unit and controller lost, either by distance or interference of radio signal

Unlock the wheels after safety brake
If the problem that activated the safety brake cannot be solved on the spot, turn off the SMART BRAKE. When the brake unit(s) is deactivated, release the pressure on the brake so that the wheels move freely. Be aware that SMART BRAKE in these cases needs to be fixed prior to further use. Learn more about troubleshooting
Learn all errors and how to fix them.

Read more about Fail-Safe

SMART BRAKE - multiple applications across sports and mobility

The wireless and modular brake is designed to fit any bike, wheelchair, sled and more. Find your application, and build your kit. 


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