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Fitting guide

SmartBrake is the most advanced electronic and wireless brake technology in the market. SmartBrake fits most bicycle models, including trikes, recumbents, handcycles, and more. SmartBrake is modular, and you can build your kit according to your needs. In this article, we give you a quick guide to technical factors to check if your bike is compatible with SmartBrake.

SmartBrake comes with either rim or disc caliper mounted to the Brake Unit. Both sets are hydraulic and fit even if your bike is set up with mechanical brakes.

SmartBrake can be delivered with rim brakes, Magura HS11 which is fitted with two screws, one at each side of the wheel at the fork. The other mounting alternative that some rim brakes uses, is one screw fitted at the center over the wheel. If your bike does not have the possibility to mount the rim brake at the fork with two screws, then a disc brake caliper might be the alternative for your bike.

SmartBrake can be delivered with disc brakes, Tektro Auriga twin caliper for trikes who need mirrored calipers. For single-wheel braking, SmartBrake is also delivered with Magura MT2/MT Sport. All calipers fit your bike and rotor – commonly named disc. Rotors are made in different sizes (160, 180, 203mm). A larger rotor will provide you with more braking force (20-30% more torque going from 180mm to 203mm).

Tektro Auriga Twin caliper for Trikes
Magura MT2/MT Sport for single-wheel braking

SmartBrake – build your kit

SmartBrake is modular and can be purchased in different kits named after the number of Brake Units and number of Brake Remotes, e.g. SB KIT 1×2. For all kits, you have the possibility to choose your preferred caliper and type of remotes for your need.

You can choose several different combinations of Brake Remotes and Brake Units:
* Connect one Remote to control one or several Brake Units simultaneously.
* Connect several Remotes to control one or several Brake Units simultaneously.

SmartBrake 1×2 kit

How many Brake Units do I need?

One Brake Unit has a certain amount of force it can provide to the caliper. A general guide is that each Brake Unit is dimensioned for 100 kg total load (user + bicycle). But this force alone is not enough to provide an answer to braking distance. The type of brake caliper (disc or rim brake), wheel/rotor size, and how many wheels the SmartBrake shall be applied on are factors to consider. It is important to note that weather, wear and tear of braking pads, and oil pressure all can affect the effective braking distance.

You can add extra Brake Units to provide more brake force. These Units can be synced up, thus being controlled from the same Brake Remotes.

How many Brake Remotes do I need?

When purchasing, you can choose between a Brake Lever, Thumb Brake or Hand Control. Read more about the SmartBrake remotes, and find out which is right for your need.

Our bestselling product is SmartBrake 1×2, where two Brake Remotes control one Brake Unit. With this kit, both the user and a companion can control the SmartBrake mounted on the bike.

When ordering, we will set up and sync the Remotes and Brake Units according to your order. If you need assistance and advice in selecting the kit best fitting your bike and needs – please contact us.

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