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SMART BRAKE Technology
documentation and FAQ

The brake technology consists of to main components

SMART BRAKE remotes for wireless control of the brakes, through radio signals (RF). The brake lever ensure a “seamless” brake force adjustment. The remote controls can be mounted on handlebars, wheelchair frames, ski poles, or simply carried in your hand.

SMART BRAKE Unit has a hydraulic pump integrated. The unit controls brake pads through disc or rim calipers. SMART BRAKE is delivered with either Tektro Auriga or Magura HS11, fully bled and ready to mount. The pump is powered by a rechargeable battery (USB), ensuring 4000 brakes on a fully charged battery. 

RollerSafe makes no compromise on safety. The brake technology is based on dual brake system (redundancy principle). The technology has been tested extensively since 2013, both in custom-built test rigs, and outdoor in all weather conditions. The electronics are protected with sealed covers, enabling for use in rain, salty conditions and rough terrain. All components have been thoroughly selected and tested for material tolerance. Team RollerSafe has been awarded several prices for innovative product design. 

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Brake controls

All SMART BRAKE controls has 15 meters signal range. They communicates true radio frequency (RF) and can not interference with other power sources or transmitters. 
For information about light signals see Documents – “Light signals” over.

(P) Parking brake function which lock/stop the brakes. To unlock the brake, press the (brake) button.

(Brake) hold it in the button to slow down the speed and release the button to increase the speed of the vehicle.

Type of battery in the hand control: 3.7V 190mAh, Li-Polymer. 

With the Brake Trigger, you can activate the brake simply by the tip of your finger. With 80 points resolution, you can control the brake force gradually, according to
your needs.

SMART BRAKE Trigger is adaptable with most Swix ski pole models, and a selective range from OneWay.

For other pole models with a diameter of 16mm, we recommend buying a pair of Swix pole shafts. In our web shop you can also buy complete Swix poles.

Type of battery in the remote control: CR2032 (3.7V 190mAh, Li-Polymer). 1+ year lifetime.

Parking brake (p) – To activate the parking brake, push the handle away from you one notch. When parking brake is activated, the controller lights up a red light.

Active brake – To activate the brake, simply pull the lever towards you as a normal bike lever. 


By setting the lever in preferred position the technology automatically adjust itself to obtain proper braking force per degree of lever movement.

If decreasing the distance from the lever to handlebars: Do 5 full brake lever movements. You will remain full braking effect after fulfilling these sequences.

If increasing the distance from the lever to handlebars: Do 1 full brake lever movement. You will remain full braking effect immediately. 

The second notch is made for future functions, but are for now only a extension of the parking brake. 

Yes, the Brake Lever is made symetric to fit both side of the handlebar. Just remove the rubber cap and turn the Brake Lever around.  

Brake Unit

The Brake Unit is an mechanical electronic control box for the brakes. It takes up signals from the brake control and transmit them to a function. 

Inside the Brake Unit is a motor that push a piston in to the reservoir. Mineral oil will from there go into the brakes witch provide speed decreasing. 

There is also a large re-chargeable battery witch provides with 4000 brakes form a fully charged battery.

For information about light signals see Documents – “Light signals” over.

Push one time on the Power button to start the system. When starting you will hear the motor preform a braking test and a red blinking light occurs.

MARK: We recommend to mount the SMART BRAKE Unit before you turn it on. The first time you push the power button, the accelerometer will be activated. After the accelerometer is activated the braking system will automatically turn on when SMART BRAKE is being moved.

SMART BRAKE goes into sleeping mode (no power used) after 30 minutes of inactivity. Simply by moing the vehicle, SMART BRAKE will be activated (via
accelerometer), making it very quick and easy to get ready to your next trip.

By activating the parking brake from the control, the Unit locks the brakes and goes in to a sleeping mode where SMART BRAKE do not use any power. From parking brake mode, SMART BRAKE will not be activated simply by moving the vehicle. You need to release the P-brake from your controller.

Each SMART BRAKE Unit provides sufficient brake force to stop 100 kg.

If the total weight of vehicle +  user adds up to 200 kg you will need two brake units. 
If over 200 kilos we would recomand three brake units.

  • One Brake Unit can connect with two calipers or rim brakes simultaneously (Y-connection).

Key factors to consider when selecting your SMART BRAKE kit:

– Total weight of vehicle + user
– Scope of use, e.g. speed, steepness of tracks, etc
– Disc brakes will normally have shorter stopping distance than rim brakes

Common questions

SMART BRAKE is a multipurpose brake technology, applicable across bicycles, trikes, wheelchairs and other activity equipment. We combine our wireless technology with well-known components such as Tektro Auriga disc calipers and Magura HS11 rim brakes (other calipers can be used, e.g. Shimano). SMART BRAKE enhance the functionality of traditional brake systems. SMART BRAKE will comply with any application already using wired brakes (disc/rim). Contact us if you have further questions.

Per today, we have more than 2 000 brake units in active use worldwide. SMART BRAKE has been thoroughly tested by the team and customers for more than 5 years, in all weather conditions and harsh environment.

Team RollerSafe makes no compromise on safety. Each SMART BRAKE system should have backup, either a parallel SMART BRAKE system or manual brake solution. SMART BRAKE has fail-safe integrated; In case of technical issues or low battery level (<15%), the system will automatically activate the brake until full stop (slow stop). The user can manually release the brake, to finish the trip (using the secondary brake).

The technology use components with CE-certification to ensure no interference with other power sources or transmitters. 

SMART BRAKE products are mainly made out of ABS (hard plastic) and aluminum. Low weight and avoidance of signal interference are main reasons behind material
choice. Our material and components have been thoroughly tested (e.g. tolerance, leakage and signal strength)

SMART BRAKE is invented in Norway, by a small team of experienced industrial designers, mechanical engineers and software developers. They all share the same passion for sports, and a drive to develop high quality products enabling more people to be active on a daily basis.

Our products are assembled, tested and shipped from RollerSafe’s headquarter in Son, Norway. The Norwegian mountains and harsh environment provides the optimal test conditions for outdoor equipment, such as SMART BRAKE.


If you use 1 Brake Unit and 1 or more Brake Controllers

1. The Brake Unit needs to be turned off to start the process. (If on, push the Bluetooth button one time)
2. On the master Brake Unit, push and hold in the Bluetooth button until the LED starts a repetitive flashing. The light signal indicates that the unit is ready to start synchronizing.
3. Place the Brake Control to be used close to the Brake Unit. i) Squeeze the lever/button on the control and hold. When BC and BU are connected the light signal will disappear.
4. Start up the Brake Unit by pushing the Bluetooth button once.
5. To connect multiple brake controls, repeat the process.

If you use 2 Brake Units and 1 or more Brake Controllers

One of the units are master and one is “clone”, following the main unit.

1. The Brake Units need to be turned off to start the process. (If on, push the Bluetooth button one time)
2. On the master BU, push and hold in the Bluetooth button until the LED starts a repetitive flashing. The light signal indicates that the unit is ready to start synchronizing.
3. On the clone BU, push and hold in the Bluetooth button until the LED starts a repetitive flashing. The light signal indicates that the unit is ready to start
4. The clone will automatically connect to the main Brake Unit. When the Brake Units are connected the light signal will disappear.
5. Start up the system by pushing the Bluetooth button once on both Units.
6. To connect multiple Brake Units, repeat the process.


Remember to charge the Brake Unit and Brake Lever before first use.

Estimated charging time:

– Brake Unit: 3,5 hours
– Brake Lever: 2,5 hours

Hand Controller and Brake Trigger use replaceable batteries (1+ years lifetime)

Team RollerSafe handles all service inquiries directly through email, chat and phone. Before contacting us, we recommend having a look at our instruction videos.

In case the products need service in our workshop, we organize the logistics with our global partner DHL. RollerSafe’s service team are the same people
developing the technology; this ensures that your SMART BRAKE is upgraded and repaired by the most competent and experienced personnel available…

SMART BRAKE has passed the test of challenging Norwegian climate and conditions. Our technology has been tested and used in extreme conditions, such as downhill (15%), heat (>40 Celsius), water, salt, gravel, etc. 

If you have questions to specific conditions, please contact us. 


Read the User Manual (link) carefully.

See our Instruction Videos, here you find relevant information in an fast and easy format.

Questions about setup, use or maintenance? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Clean the Brake Unit and Brake Lever using water and a cloth with mild soap. Do not use high pressure water on the Brake Lever.


Make sure that the product is fully charged and that your charger works properly. Fully charged will give you a constant green light. 
Make sure that you hear a click sound from the button when pushing. 
If your product still will not turn on, please contact us. 

The power button is most likely stuck.

Please try this:

  1. Check if you get a “click” sound when pushing the button on the brake unit. If you do not feel the click from the button, it is most likely stuck. Tips: Use a tool like a screwdriver. 
  2. To release the button. Use a thin tool to go behind the button and gently tip the screwdriver around. This will trigger the rubber to release the button below. 

To prevent this from happening will we recommend pushing the button at the center. When pushing at the edges the rubber may sometimes get stuck.

Light signals and functions explained

Brake Lever color signals

How to charge the Brake Unit

How to charge the Brake Lever

How to pair the Brake Lever with the Brake Unit

How to pair the Hand Control with the Brake Unit

Pair multiple SMART BRAKE Units

How to power up the Brake Unit

How to turn OFF the system
*Model 2020: Hold 4 sec.

How does Fail-Safe work

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