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SMART BRAKE – multi-purpose wireless brakes

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SMART BRAKE is the world’s first wireless brake system for sports and mobility equipment. With 3 different remotes, users can easily control brake and parking with their fingertips. SMART BRAKE is modular and can be built according to your needs!

The multi-purpose technology can be applied across a wide range of bicyles, wheelchairs, cargo-bikes, sleds and other sports equipment. Learn more (link to applications)

The brake technology consists of two main components:

SMART BRAKE Remote for wireless control of the brakes, through radio signals (RF). The remote controllers ensure “seamless” brake force adjustment. The series of remotes fit different hand sizes, applications and situations, and can easily be mounted across handlebars, wheelchair frames, ski poles, or simply carried in your hand.

SMART BRAKE Unit has hydraulic pump integrated. The unit controls brake pads through disc or rim calipers. SMART BRAKE is delivered with either Tektro Auriga or Magura HS11, fully bled and ready to mount. The pump is powered by a rechargeable battery (USB), ensuring 4 000 full brake cycles on a fully charged battery. 

Safety: We make no compromise on safety. The brake technology has built-in fail-safe measures that provide controlled brake in case of battery shortage (<15%) or signal loss (e.g. out of range). The safety brake ensures that the user can get a controlled stop, and then release the brake when situation is solved.

SMART BRAKE is based on dual brake system (redundancy principle), implying that users shall always have 2 separate brake systems available on any application.

The technology has been tested extensively since 2013, both in custom-built test rigs, and outdoor in all weather conditions. The electronics are protected with sealed covers, enabling for use in rain, salty conditions and rough terrain. All components have been thoroughly selected and tested for material tolerance.

We enable more activity for everyone!

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The common part in SmartBrake

The brake activator applies brake force to the caliper so that you don’t have to! Read more about the brake unit.

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Pulling this lever is super soft, and with an easily accessible parking brake function, your next ride will be much smoother. Learn more about the Brake lever.

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Operate the brake and parking wirelessly from 20 meters distance with this small remote. Read more about the hand controller.