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RollerSafe - Roller Skis with electronic brakes

ROLLERSAFE – integrated disc brakes

The SMART BRAKE Technology was first developed and commercialized through the Nordic sports niche of rollerskis. RollerSafe’s own product series of classic and skate rollerskis have hydraulic disc brakes integrated in the profile, wirelessly controlled by a trigger in the pole.

The compact and light weight brake technology has been developed and tested in the harshest of conditions. We like to think that we started off with mission impossible; developing a functional and adjustable brake for very small rubber wheels on a short aluminum profile, with high weight load and altitude, on poor surface, high speed and steep conditions. We worked to disprove the theoretical calculation that the brakes would be too weak or create too high temperature.

After years of development and testing, the world’s first rollerski with wireless disc brakes was launched late 2015. Since then, the products series have been sold to consumers in more than 20 markets world-wide.

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– Hydraulic disc brakes, brake pads directly to aluminum wheel rim

– Dual system, separate brake/controller for left/right (fail-safe)

– RF-signals, BLE-enabled

– Adjustable to user needs (brake force), via mobile app

Possible applications:

– Incline skates, longboards, skateboards, other micro wheel devices

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Brake from up to 15 meters distance

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