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Is there a brake adapted for small grips?

Traditional bicycle brakes are essentially universally designed; The “one-size-fits-all” principle enables mass production at the lowest possible cost. It does not consider that not everyone has a healthy adult’s hand size or grip. Many people have minor hand grips (e.g., children or elderly) or weak hand grips (e.g., people with disabilities, gout, osteoarthritis, etc.). There are few functional brakes, limiting their ability to be active on a bicycle.

SmartBrake offers a solution to this handgrip challenge; The wireless brake technology comes with remote controllers designed to fit any hand size and strength. With SmartBrake, users can adjust the brake lever to their preferred size (distance from the handlebar), or they can choose to brake with only one finger. The parking brake is easily activated in the same remotes. The technology provides three different controllers that create lots of options to suit your braking needs and not least your braking ability. It’s not essential if you are strong, have a disability, or are a child just starting to master the art of cycling; with SmartBrake, biking is an activity for all.

SmartBrake can fit many standard brake calipers, both rim, and disc

But, is wireless brakes safe?

Yes, SmartBrake has a built-in fail-safe that automatically activates the brake in low battery or signal failure. For example, the brake will be activated if a companion comes more than 30m away from the bicycle. The SmartBrake technology has been developed and thoroughly tested over many years and is based on a recognized and proven communication platform (RF / BLE).

SmartBrake is modular like Lego, and you can build the kit according to your needs. Mounting the kit on your bike is easy and does not require special tools. You can order SmartBrake directly in our webshop or contact your bike distributor for assistance.

We enable more activity for everyone!

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The common part in SmartBrake

The brake activator applies brake force to the caliper so that you don’t have to! Read more about the brake unit.

If the handgrip is a challenge, then this will be your solution

Pulling this lever is super soft, and with an easily accessible parking brake function, your next ride will be much smoother. Learn more about the Brake lever.

When independency and additional safety are your priority

Operate the brake and parking wirelessly from 20 meters distance with this small remote. Read more about the hand controller.