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Increase the training effect on roller skis

Cross-country skiing provides effective and gentle training for the whole body; heart, oxygen uptake and muscle mass. It is preventive for your health! Which makes it one of the best forms of exercise you can choose! But the snow does not last forever, but it can be the form of training if you choose roller skiing the rest of the year. Studies show that varied terrain and slopes are necessary to achieve the same good training effect on roller skis as on snow. RollerSafe is the perfect choice for achieving safe training all year round. You can walk in steeper and more demanding terrain – you get in better shape, faster!

Together with student Fredrik Frossdal at the Norwegian School of Sports Science, we have carried out a project to map the training effect and work economy on roller skis. In this article, we highlight some important factors that affect how effective training you can get.

Cross-country skiing is effective and gentle training

Cross-country skiing is considered an activity with a low risk of acute injury. This form of exercise improves heart function, affects metabolism and is anti-inflammatory. You get the same positive effects by using roller skis in summer. There are no corresponding injury statistics on roller skis, but it is known that braking on asphalt is a major barrier and considered a risk factor for many.

Training in varied terrain gives a better and faster effect

Skiing in varied terrain makes high-intensity training possible, and with roller skis with brakes, this form of training is possible all year round. It is not unknown that training with roller skis can be monotonous because walking in varied terrain will increase the risk of injury, but with RollerSafe it is possible to get the same training effect all year round.

Research data indicates that you double the training effect per hour with a higher heart rate, which is difficult to achieve on roller skis without going uphill.

Roller ski trails are often adapted for training in hilly terrain (for example Holmenkollen), but very few exercisers use the trails in summer. The descents become too demanding without brakes.

RollerSafe = good working economy

The study showed that the RollerSafe skis weigh a little more than the competitors such as Jenex, Elpex and Fischer, but that the work economy and the result are the same. RollerSafe has a user-friendly and integrated solution that makes braking easy and safe even in varied terrain.

Optimal brakes for optimal training

Previously, there were few good braking options on roller skis, and it required a lot of training to master the activity. Fortunately, there are now rollers for roller skis, which make it safer for both beginners and experienced skiers.

The choice falls between mechanical brakes and electric. Mechanical brakes work within controlled use, but they clearly have their limitations regarding. speed, terrain and surface. This is often shown in the form of solutions that require particularly good balance or body control.

RollerSafe with electronic brakes provides a significantly more user-friendly brake that does not make the same demands on the skier’s skills or area of ​​use. You can go where you want.

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