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Cutting the wire raises the obvious question – is it safe to use a wireless brake? We make no compromise on safety;

  • SMART BRAKE has been continuously developed and tested over more than 8 years
  • SMART BRAKE has been used by consumers in more than 20 markets worldwide since 2015.
  • Fail-safe measures are integrated into the solution, to provide added safety
When you activate your Smart Brake it is important to activate all remotes that are connected, if not Fail-Safe will be activated

Safety brake

SMART BRAKE has built-in automatic safety brake in case of battery shortage or signal failure.

  • Low battery: Less than 15% remaining
  • Signal failure: Signal between brake unit and controller lost, either by distance or interference of radio signal

Activation of Fail-safe

  • Brake automatically activated until full stop/wheel lock. The Brake cycle last 4 seconds, providing a controlled stop
  • Brake lights will flash every 2 seconds to signal activation of the safety brake
  • The light signal inside the screw cap on the brake unit indicates cause:

Red = Low battery on the brake unit
Yellow = Low battery on the control
Blue = Signal failure

IMPORTANT! Fail-safe is not meant to cancel out all risk factors. Users shall always ensure having alternative brake solutions available and operable on any activity.

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