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2 wireless brakes and companion control, children’s bike

User needs

  • Child with significantly reduced hand power, fear of high speed, could not brake at all with original brakes, difficulty reading traffic.
  • The child could not to participate at school trips or with family.
  • The child could not to practice in real situations due to parents’ fear of situations.
  • The child felt being restricted when he/she only could cycle in a limited area.
  • Standard mechanical brake requires too much force.
  • Parents want more control over the situation when the child ride.


  • SmartBrake was mounted on TRETS JR, from Hase. Previously, we have had similar cases with Van Raam Easy Rider, 3-18 Momo and other models.
  • The entire braking system was replaced with two separate SmartBrake kits: 1×2 with y-split and 1×1
  • SmartBrake 1×2 kit: 1 brake unit fitted with disc brake for 2 rear wheels (y-split). Brake lever mounted on the handlebars, adapted to the child’s grip. In addition, the thumb brake was delivered as an companion control, with extra mounting brackets so that the trigger can be placed on several companion bikes both at school and at home.
  • SmartBrake 1×1 kit: 1 brake unit mounted as a disc brake on the front wheel. Brake lever mounted on the handlebars, adapted to the child’s grip.

User value

  • The child can regulate the speed of the bicycle himself, and thus enable the activity to be carried out at all.
  • The child can now experience mastery and independence in the activity.
  • The child can participate in activities with peers.
  • The child can practice in real situations.
  • Adults can control speed and brakes with companion control, both at home and at school.
2 wireless brakes
Companion Control

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