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Wireless parking brake

SMART BRAKE wireless remotes lock all wheels that are connected to a SMART BRAKE Unit with a touch of a button, even at 15 meters.


Lock and leave the vehicle for short stops as postal service etc.  SMART BRAKE can not be unlocked by other than the remote you have. If the vehicle is heavy, it will stay where you leave it. When the parking brake is activated the units do not drain any battery. 


SMART BRAKE can be added to all vehicles or adds with eighter rim or disc brakes. With different wireless remotes, it is possible to personalize for own needs by placing them anywhere and choosing the remote that fits your needs; eighter there is lever, trigger or button. The brake units can be synchronized to work simultaneously, up to 8 units with one or multiple remotes controlling the brakes. 
The combination of the number of brake units depends on the total weight of the user and vehicle. See combinations at the bottom of the pages.

Fast mounting

No need for technical expertise or special tools. SMART BRAKE comes with brake pads or caliper mounted. Learn how to set up SMART BRAKE here. 


SMART BRAKE controls

Wireless brake control for bike

Lever remote.
Control both active brakes as a usual bike lever and parking brake in one motion. The lever only requires 10% hand strength to operate compared to a wired lever. The remote can be adjusted to fit all hand sizes.

Wireless brake control

Button remote.
A light-weighted click remote with both active -and parking brake. It is the size of a car key which makes it perfect as a parent/companion control that easily fits your pocket or hangs around the neck. 

Ski pole wireless brake control

RS trigger.
The world’s first remote control made for ski poles. Its small size and light lever perfectly meet its purpose for one-finger triggering. The lever movement is as sensitive as the lever remote although it has a smaller area of movement, providing smooth speed reduction. It is the only SMART BRAKE controller without parking brake function integrated. 
Combinat it whit the button remote to get wireless parking brake.

How may SMART BRAKE units do I need?

The total amount of Units needed is an approximate number based on the total weight of both vehicles and persons together. Factors such as climate, weather, cleanliness, disc or wheel size and other external influences will have an impact on stopping distance. 

A disc brake will in most conditions have an increased stopping distance compared to a rim brake. 

1 brake Unit = 100 Kg
2 brake Unit = 200 Kg
3 brake Unit = 300 Kg
4 brake Unit = 400 Kg

One brake Unit can control two calipers or rim brakes simultaneously.
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