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Technical support (old)

Below are some of the most common light signals indicating different status on the SMART BRAKE solution. If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us or use our troubleshooting guide.

Brake lights flash every two seconds = Fail-safe
Fail-safe (safety brake) is activated. This is a braking cycle of 4 seconds. The wheels are locked until the brake unit is turned off with the activation button at the unit. Fail-safe is activated in case of low battery or lost signal.

Check the color of the flashing light under the screw cap on the brake unit:

• No light: Less than 15% battery capacity of the brake unit (s).
Solution: Charge both brake units.

 Yellow: Less than 15% battery capacity on a brake controller. The control that triggered the brake flashes red every two seconds.
Solution: Charge the control that activated the safety brake or replace the battery.

• Blue:
 Signal failure between the brake unit and one of the controls. Lost signal = Blue light

Click here to the Troubleshooting guide

Unlock the wheels after safety brake
If the problem that activated the safety brake cannot be solved on the spot, turn off the SMART BRAKE. When the brake unit is deactivated, the pressure on the brake is released for the wheels to move freely.

Turn off both brake units by hold down the activation buttons until it lights up a red light under the screw cap.

The controls light up as described below in the event of lost signal:
• Brake lever: Blue / green flashing light when triggering.
• Brake trigger: Blue flashing light when triggering
• Hand control: Red light when triggering.

The lights flash every ten seconds = Less than 25% battery capacity
• If the brake unit has a low battery capacity, the brake light for the specific unit and the light beside the charging port flashes every ten seconds.
• If a brake controller has low battery capacity, the control flashes red every ten seconds.

Sleep mode
After 60 minutes of inactivity, both the brake unit (s) and the control (s) go into power save mode. That is, they are on standby.
• The brake unit (s) is activated by pressing the activation button once
• The brake control (s) are activated by pressing the brake lever/button once. If not all controls are awakened after sleep mode, the safety brake will be applied after 4 seconds.

Parental control
Signal failure activates the safety brake (fail-safe). When a brake trigger comes out of reach of the brake unit (20-30m), the safety brake is activated. When the signal is restored, the brake cycle ends, and wheels will no longer be locked. It takes two seconds from the control losing the signal until the fail-safe is activated. The safety brake ensures that the attendant always has contact with the brakes in every situation

Use the RollerSafe charger for both the brake Unit and the brake Lever. Brake trigger and Hand control uses a CR2032 battery. Fully charged is signified by a green light.

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