Wheelchair spike

Brake suitable for single (front) wheel on wheelchair/spike


Wireless brake for wheelchair spike

SMART BRAKE can easily be controlled from the pole, and require very limited hand force. Simple finger pressure is all needed to regulate the speed on your wheelchair. You reduce the risk of getting the pole in the wheel or losing focus from the road.

SMART BRAKE comes with a fail-safe solution with low battery and signal error.

This kit includes:

  • Single Brake Unit
  • Single Brake Tigger + Remote control adapter to ski pole (Swix).
  • Single Magura hydraulic rim brake
  • One double USB charger

Additional information

Weight1.2 kg
Brake units

Single unit

Hydraulic brake

Rim brake

Brake remote

Brake trigger


3,7V, 3500mAh, Li-Polymer, rechargeable battery, 3V, 220mAh, Cr2032, non rechargeable battery


Double USB for EU

Charging time

210 minutes

Weight Brake trigger


Weight Brake Unit


Weight Magura



I have limited hand force in one hand and I have to say it was incredibly easy to apply the brake on this hand. It could almost be done with a fingerprint. Ingenious!
Anders Nupen Hansen, President, The National Association for Spinal Cord Injury

For me the SMART BRAKE Technology is definitely a game changer. I did not feel very comfortable on normal (non-brake) ski’s. Having the Rollersafe skis makes me use them a lot more, which makes it easier for me to train, living in a country that doesn’t have enough snow each year to train on real XC ski’s.
Rolf Gelissen

Rollersafe roller skis have disk brakes that work with a trigger on your ski pole to give you superior control downhill. Excellent product. Love mine!
Mark Armstrong (Customer)

It was surprisingly easy to use, and works very well.
Jørgen Aukland, Dagens Næringsliv (Newspaper), Norway

Our testers praised the braking system which is handled very well after a familiarization phase. (Europe’s largest roller ski test), Germany

Roller ski revolution! I am simply impressed.
Per Morten Hoff (Customer), Norway