SMART BRAKE kit excl. caliper

Basic kit (1 brake unit + 1 remote), to adapt to your own brakes.

SMART BRAKE – single kit (excl. caliper) includes:
1: Brake Unit
1: Brake Remote (Lever or Hand Control)
SMART BRAKE is modular;  add extra components to your kit

This kit is ready to connect to your existing hydraulic brake system (disc/rim). We also offer a complete kit with caliper.

You must add brake component (disc/rim calipers) and bleed the system (mineral oil).
Not included: Tektro Auriga disc caliper / Magura HS11 rim brake

The SMART BRAKE Unit is the activator for the brakes. It communicates with the brake controllers from up to 15 meters distance.
Inside the unit is an advanced braking technology with unlimited potential.

Brake Lever
Control both active brake and parking brake in one motion. The lever only requires 10% hand strength to operate. The lever position can be adjusted to fit all hand sizes.

Hand Control
A light-weight hand controller with buttons for active brake and parking. With the size of a car key, it fits easily in your pocket or around your neck. It can also be mounted on the vehicle, with easy docking on/off.

Charge via USB (charger not included in this kit).



SMART BRAKE kits can connect with both hydraulic disc or rim brakes. Key factors to consider when selecting your SMART BRAKE kit:

  • Total weight of vehicle + user (see below for guidance – this can vary depending on application)
  • Scope of use, e.g. speed, steepness of tracks, etc
  • Disc brakes will normally have shorter stopping distance than rim brakes


1 Brake Unit = 100 Kg
2 Brake Units = 200 Kg
3 Brake Units = 300 Kg
4 Brake Units = 400 Kg

SMART BRAKE is hydraulic, and be delivered fully bled/ready to mount with either Tektro Auriga disc calipers or Magura HS rim brakes. Disc brakes normally provide more brake force, however require a disc system mounted on your vehicle. Rim brakes are more flexible, can be mounted on any standard bike wheel.

Tektro Auriga: Left / right disc calipers (mer tekst fra spec på de respective produktene)

Magura HS11: xxx

SMART BRAKE can also be combined with other disc calipers, e.g. Shimano. Contact us for more info.

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Build your kit


Extra SMART BRAKE unit

Brake unit for activation of hydraulic disc/rim brakes.

Temporarily unavailable


Active brake and parking brake. Requires only 10% hand strength.

Temporarily unavailable

Extra Hand Control

A light-weight hand controller with buttons for active brake and parking.

Temporarily unavailable

Extra Tektro Caliper

Auriga, Hydraulic Disk Brake (RIGHT)

Temporarily unavailable

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