Define your basic kit (1 brake unit + 1 remote), and add extra components


SMART BRAKE – single kit includes:
1: Brake Unit
1: Brake Remote (Lever or Hand Control)
1: Brake (Hydraulic disc or rim caliper)
1: USB Charger

SMART BRAKE is modular;  add extra components to your kit

The BRAKE Unit is the activator for the brakes. It communicates with the brake controllers up to 15 meters distance.
Inside the unit is an advanced braking technology with unlimited potential.

Brake Lever
Control both active brake and parking brake in one motion. The lever only requires 10% hand strength to operate. The lever position can be adjusted to fit all hand sizes.

Hand Control
A light-weight hand controller with buttons for active brake and parking. With the size of a car key, it fits easily in your pocket or around your neck. It can also be mounted on the vehicle, with easy docking on/off.


Hydraulic Disc Brake System, HD-T525

  • Open system, dual piston.
  • Designed for recumbent or 3-wheel bicycles
  • Easy installation, adjustment and maintenance.

Hydraulic Rim Brake HS11

The top model among the hydraulic rim brakes: The HS11 features a master with a radial design.
The result is increased braking power, lower weight and perfect ergonomics, making the HS11 the ideal partner for every riding style – off-road, on tours or in the city.

Double USB charger, 10W.
Input:   100-240V — 0.45A. 50/60Hz
Output: 5V = 2.1A


SMART BRAKE kits are delivered as hydraulic disc or rim brake, ready to mount. Key factors to consider when selecting your SMART BRAKE kit:

  • Total weight of vehicle + user (see below for guidance – this can vary depending on application)
  • Scope of use, e.g. speed, steepness of tracks, etc
  • Disc brakes will normally have shorter stopping distance than rim brakes


1 Brake Unit = 100 Kg
2 Brake Units = 200 Kg
3 Brake Units = 300 Kg
4 Brake Units = 400 Kg

Additional information

Extra SMART BRAKE unit

Weight0.304 kg
Dimensions14.52 × 46 × 69 cm

3,7V, 3500mAh, Li-Polymer, rechargeable battery

Charging time

210 minutes


Weight0.80 kg
Dimensions8.9 × 12.3 × 4.7 cm

3.7V, 190mAh, Li-Polymer, rechargeable battery

Charging time

150 minutes

Extra Hand Control

Weight0.038 kg
Dimensions53 × 53 × 13.7 cm

3V, 220mAh, Cr2032, non rechargeable battery

Extra Tektro Caliper

Weight0.529 kg
Dimensions88.6 × 40.3 × 49.2 cm

Bikes / trikes / wheelchairs

SMART BRAKE makes braking and parking easier for all users.

SMART BRAKE is modular and can be built according to your needs. It fits nearly all vehicles,
applying either disc or rim brakes. The wireless remotes provide a soft and easy control of speed
and parking, even from distance!

For most 2-wheel bikes, we would recommend 1 brake unit + 1 brake lever + 1 hand control.

For 3-4 wheel bikes, we recommend 2 brake units (rear wheel) + 1 brake lever + 1 hand control


The SMART BRAKE kit can be applied on wheelchairs with disc or on additional front wheel

SMART BRAKE is available as single unit brake, and double for both wheels. With the wireless remote, users will get a very soft and easy brake that can be mounted anywhere. The parking brake function provides for easy access in and out. 

For wheelchair models with disc brakes on rear wheel, apply 2 brake units + 1 hand control

For front wheels / FreeWheel, apply our special kit, including 1 brake unit, 1 hand control, 12’’ wheel w/disc

Sleds / strollers

For strollers and sleds SMART BRAKE removes all wires which provides unlimited possibilities for placement of the brake control.

For sleds – having brake levers on the pole provides the best possible brake control when you riding. Parking and active brake with the push of a button gives seamless control for your stroller and are handy in many situations. 

For sitski / sleds we recommend 1-2 brake units + 1-2 brake triggers for ski pole.

For strollers and trailers, we recommend either 1 brake unit on front wheel, or 2 units for rear wheels. 

For both alternatives, 1 hand controll.


I have limited hand force in one hand and I have to say it was incredibly easy to apply the brake on this hand. It could almost be done with a fingerprint. Ingenious!
Anders Nupen Hansen, President, The National Association for Spinal Cord Injury

For me the SMART BRAKE Technology is definitely a game changer. I did not feel very comfortable on normal (non-brake) ski’s. Having the Rollersafe skis makes me use them a lot more, which makes it easier for me to train, living in a country that doesn’t have enough snow each year to train on real XC ski’s.
Rolf Gelissen

Rollersafe roller skis have disk brakes that work with a trigger on your ski pole to give you superior control downhill. Excellent product. Love mine!
Mark Armstrong (Customer)

It was surprisingly easy to use, and works very well.
Jørgen Aukland, Dagens Næringsliv (Newspaper), Norway

Our testers praised the braking system which is handled very well after a familiarization phase. (Europe’s largest roller ski test), Germany

Roller ski revolution! I am simply impressed.
Per Morten Hoff (Customer), Norway