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SMART BRAKE Soft brake levers– fit any hand size and force.

Soft levers
With SMART BRAKE, you can easily brake with limited hand force (10% of normal), or with the tip of your finger. Brake lever adjustable to any hand size. Select a brake controller to fit your needs!

SMART BRAKE Companion control – active brake and parking from distance.


Companion control
With SMART BRAKE, you can control brake and parking from distance. More independence and safety for the user added convenience for the parent/companion.

SMART BRAKE Frontwheel brake – for safer activity and workouts

Frontwheel brake
SMART BRAKE can be mounted on most front wheels, and controlled via remote in ski pole or on a wheelchair. Get full control of speed during workouts, with limited body movement or hand force needed.


Quick intro to our origin and the development of RollerSafe with Smart Brake Technology.

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