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Kids Safety

Active kids love action and speed. However, most kids equipment comes with manual brakes that are difficult to operate with small hands. Or, they simply come without any brake. RS Smart Brake is designed to fit small hands with weak handgrip.

Many parents have experienced the same fear; the baby stroller gaining speed beyond control, or the parent stumble off balance and losing the grip going downhill. With RS Smart Brake users can operate the brake wirelessly, implying that the brake can be controlled without having their hands on the stroller. Sensors will make sure that the brake is activated if the parent lose their grip on the stroller. It will also function as a soft and adjustable brake when running downhill or in traffic situations requiring an active brake.

SMART BRAKE - multiple applications across sports and mobility

The wireless and modular brake is designed to fit any bike, wheelchair, sled and more. Find your application, and build your kit. 


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