Disc brake for manual wheelchair

SMART BRAKE integrates disc brakes to your manual wheelchair without removing original parts. Control the brakes with the original brake levers, or go wireless!

The width of the chair increase just a few millimeters which enables you to use your original lock-pin maintaining the quick release function. The parts are made from light-weight aluminum and adds only 1.5 kg to the chair (compared to 4-5 kg with drum brakes). 

Powerful and easy
Hydraulic disc brake provides optimal brake force in all conditions, like rain, snow, mud or dry weather. Control the brakes with one hand, and steer with the rims. The disc parking brake is much more stable and powerful than original p-brakes.

Developed by users
The team of product designers and engineers have worked closely with wheelchair users and manufacturers to optimize function and user interface, in parallel with reducing weight and design impact. We make no compromise on neither safety nor design.

The disc adapter fits all axles and works with standard steel spoked wheels. The kit is easy to mount with no technical experience across different chair models, both foldable and rigid frames.

Reduced handgrip
For users with reduced handgrip or mobility, the solution can be delivered with SMART BRAKE wireless brake technology. With wireless remote controllers, the user can easily control brake and parking with the fingertip, requiring very limited hand force. Our series of remote fits any hand size.

Companion control
Both the mechanical and electronic version can be operated by companions. Choose either brake lever mounted on the back of the chair, or a wireless remote. With the electronic version, companions can control brake and parking from 15-20 m distance.

Learn more about our wireless brake technology here.



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