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With our unique and price winning Smart Brake Technology integrated in Classic and Skate rollerskis, you can challenge yourself in new and more exciting tracks. Prepare for the ski season through longer and steeper workouts!

High quality

As active rollerskiers ourselves, we know the importance of a good and stable rollerski. In developing RollerSafe, we have made no compromise on quality – creating the optimal ski feeling. Many users have ranked these skis better than peers on key features like stability, flex and wheel quality.

Proven to be safe

We have made the ultimate training partner – you can roll safe anywhere, getting more efficient training in steeper tracks. We have used RS Classic in tracks with 10-15% steep and over 10km continuous downhill. With our dual brake system, you can actively choose to use one or both brakes in parallel. Thus, you have plenty of brake force to control speed in all situations.

Download the app

With the app, you will be able to adjust the brake force to your preference. Default force is Soft when receiving the skis.

For me the RS Brake Technology is definitely a game changer. I did not feel very comfortable on normal skis. Having the RollerSafe makes me use them a lot more.
Rolf Gelissen


Basic model includes

  • 2 Rollerskis with SmartBrake Technology
  • 2 Rottefella Xcelerator bindings
  • 2 RS Brake Triggers for Swix ski poles
  • 1 Double USB-charger

Key facts:

  • Easy to mount across different front wheels
  • Hydraulic brake solution, Magura rim brakes
  • Multiple remote controls, adjust to user needs
  • Rechargeable, USB
  • Adds 0,7 kg weight, and 0 mm width on chair

Key benefits:

• Universal rim brake solution for front wheels
• Control the brake from trigger in poles or from remote mounted on chair
• Wireless brake and parking for both active user or companion (20-30m distance)
• Limited hand force needed – brake with your fingertip!


  • RS Skate with long profile (70cm), for more “ski-like” feeling in summer! Complete with travel case and spare parts.

    719.00 Add to cart
  • RS Skate with longer profile (70cm) for better ski feeling!

    639.00 Add to cart
  • RS Skate – The award-winning rolleski with wireless disc brakes! Complete with hard case and extra wheels/pads.

    719.00 Add to cart
  • RS Skate with integrated disc brakes – now you can go anywhere – steeper, faster, but safer!

    639.00 Add to cart
  • RS Sitski – Rollerskis with wireless brakes, custom fit to sitski sleds. Easy and soft brake from poles.

    1,150.00 Add to cart
  • RS Classic Junior – Safer training for younger athletes!

    639.00 Add to cart
  • RS Classic – the customer favorite! Complete kit including spare parts and travel bag.

    719.00 Add to cart
  • RS Classic – the customer favorite! Rollerski with wireless disc brakes, for more fun and safer workouts.

    639.00 Add to cart

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