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SMART BRAKE Companion Control is the unique safety solution all active families have waited for!

Many parents have experienced similar situations; Watching a child heading down the road on her bike, approaching the crossroad at full speed. Will she manage to reduce speed in time?

Imagine having a small remote in your pocket, or mounted on your own bike, that allows you to control speed of your kid’s bike. You can take charge of the situation, without your child losing her independence and feeling of mastery.

SMART BRAKE Companion Control is very easy to mount on the bike (disc or rim brake). The wireless remotes can be controlled both by the child (brake lever adjustable to small hands), and the parent.

The remote controllers requires less than 10% hand force, thus being suitable for users with disability or reduced mobility.

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A parent control kit include one wireless control and one electronic brake inc. bleeded caliper

Recommended kit:

1×1: Parent control kit including 1 wireless control and 1 electronic brake unit inc. bleeded caliper for disc or rim brakes.

As a parent, you will get the opportunity to control braking and parking of the bike at 20-30 meters distance (child will still operate manual brake on the bike). There is also possible to add extra wireless remote to control the same electronic brake, e.g. for the child to operate the wireless brake.

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Cutting the wire raises the obvious question – is it safe to use a wireless brake? We make no compromise on safety;

  • SMART BRAKE has been continuously developed and tested over more than 8 years
  • SMART BRAKE has been used by consumers in more than 20 markets worldwide since 2015
  • Fail-safe measures are integrated into the solution, to provide added safety

Want to know more before you order, contact us for a chat, call, or online demo!

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